NHL Rumors: The Los Angeles Kings will add, but what will they do?

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Sportsnet: Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek on 32 Thoughts: The Podcast – Fined for Flying on the Los Angeles Kings.

** NHLRumors.com transcription

Marek: “The LA Kings to me look like they’re in a really interesting position here. Threatening for tops in the division. Quinton Byfield most recently called up after just absolutely damaging the American League. Like, Quinton Byfield did exactly what you want him to do when you send him down. He forced them to call him back up.

It’s a team to me that looks like they’re going to be adding, and adding significantly. So no one should be shocked that they’re very much, I don’t know if you want to handicap it by saying they are in the lead in the Jakob Chychrun sweepstakes.

But it does look to me as if the Los Angeles Kings are open for business and open to adding. And the teams below them aren’t exactly helping themselves.”

Friedman: “No, they’re definitely not. I never would have thought at the beginning of this season, as we go into the new year Jeff, that Edmonton and Calgary would be life and death to make the playoffs. I didn’t think that.

Like, I thought LA was pretty good. Pheonix Copely has basically saved their season.”

Marek: “Sure has.”

Friedman: “I really thought that they were in huge trouble. And Copely has kind of stabilized them. I think LA is a good team. I just look at them and say, ‘Rob Blake is going to do something.’

There’s just no way he’s not doing something. Whether it’s a goalie. We know he’s got too many defensemen. We know he’s going to make a move. I’m just waiting to see what it is.

Because you make the playoffs last year. You take Edmonton to Game 7. You’re not going backwards. He’s signed (Kevin) Fiala for 8×8. You’re not going backwards. You’re going to do something, and I’m just waiting for Blake to pull the trigger.”

Marek: “I looking through the Los Angeles Kings schedule right now, and I’m looking for one very specific date Elliotte, and I may have to amend a prediction I made not to long ago here on the podcast.

March 26th. Remember before how I said if anyone is going to fight (Jordan) Binnington, it’s going to be (Pyotr) Kochetkov. If Copely can continue this, Copely gave him a fight in the American League. I may need to amend my prediction of the much anticipated Jordan Binnington fight may not be Kochetkov. It may end up being Pheonix Copely, but we shall see.”