Preseason in Australia, and where some World Junior players could end up after the tournament

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Preseason games coming to Australia?

Kevin Weekes: The NHL has sent a group to Australia to check out some sites for potential games. Have been told that the NHL playing preseason games is a possibility.

Where some World Junior players could end up after the tournament

Sportsnet: Jeff Marek on 32 Thoughts on where some of the World Junior players could end up when the tournament is done.

“World Junior hockey championships in Halifax and Moncton, and the question now becomes, where do these players go when this tournament is done?

And we’ll start with Shane Wright. Now Ron Francis, general manager of the Seattle Kraken, and Cam Steward, Shane Wright’s agent, will be in Halifax this week and I would imagine there would be some type of conversation. There’s been no decision on whether he’s going to the Kraken or if he’s going to OHL Kingston.

But that hasn’t stopped teams in the OHL for putting together sizable trade packages for Kingston. And I believe this is what the ask is – it’s one elite player, either an ’05 or an ’06, along with three second-round picks, and three third-round picks as well.

Brandt Clarke of the Los Angeles Kings. There’s a lot of defensemen on that LA blue line. Elliotte’s talked about Jakob Chychrun before. LA’s pursuing him. Well we’ve all talked about Jakob Chychrun before Elliotte, as you giggle, that’s very true.

Friedman: “Kevin.”

Marek: “Yeah, where’s Bieksa, it’s his favorite moment of 32 thoughts.

Speculation is he goes back to OHL Barrie.

Dylan Guenther, the plan is he goes back to Arizona.

Two Winnipeg Jets first-round picks here we should mention as well, Chaz Lucius of team America, team USA, and also Brad Lambert of team Finland. The Winnipeg Jets, even though these two players have played all season in the AHL Manitoba, the team has not ruled out sending them back to Junior. Lambert’s rights are held by Seattle. Chaz Lucius would become a Portland Winterhawk.”