NHL News: Carolina Hurricanes, Vegas Golden Knights, and Alex Ovechkin
Waddell and Dundon on the Hurricanes ‘GM position’

Luke DeCock of the Raleigh News & Observer: The Carolina Hurricanes general manager and team president Don Waddell doesn’t have a contract and has interviewed for the Minnesota Wild’s GM position.

The Hurricanes haven’t replaced two assistant GMs and goalie coach that left this offseason. Several scouts have left the organization as well and have not been replaced.

Don Waddell yesterday on being able to interview for the Wild’s GM position and his situation with the Hurricanes.

“Tom doesn’t believe in a lot of contracts,” he said. “Tom’s told me I have a job for life. But he’s also encouraged me to explore other opportunities to see what the market will pay. We started something here, I love it here, but when the job opened up and Tom said you should explore it, that’s what I’m doing.”

Waddell’s contract with the Hurricanes expired at the end of June, but he’s continued to run the Hurricanes this summer. Owner Tom Dundon:

“I’m not going to pay what other guys pay GMs, so me having a contract with a GM doesn’t really help me,” Dundon said. “Don in essence has a contract. I already told Don, ‘I’m not going to fire you. If I did, I’d tell you a year in advance.’ My life’s pretty good. I want people to do what’s best for their life. If this is what’s best for Don, the Hurricanes will be fine.”

Golden Knights have one RFA left

Jesse Granger: Restricted free agent defenseman Jimmy Schuldt is the last remaining free agent for the Vegas Golden Knights.

Have heard that they have started the process of getting a contract done.

Jesse Granger: Haven’t heard what numbers are being talked about, but would guess that he’ll end up between $800,000 and $1 million per season.

Ovechkin on when his contract is up in two years

Alex Benda of Stars and Sticks: From an interview with Russian news network TASS – Washington Capitals forward Alex Ovechkin said he’ll see where his health is at in two years when his contract is up.

“I have two more years to play, under my contract,” the 33-year-old Washington Capitals captain told a news conference hosted by TASS on Thursday. “Let us wait and see whether I will continue my career as everything depends on the health.”