Dodgers Already Beginning Process Of Addressing New Batter’s Eye At Dodger Stadium

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When the Los Angeles Dodgers unveiled plans for a Dodger Stadium renovation, much of the attention went to the new center field plaza, overhauled pavilions and forthcoming installation of elevators and escalators.

However, the $100 million project also brought about several other noteworthy changes. The batter’s eye, which had been in place for multiple decades, was revamped. As Summer Camp workouts continue at Dodger Stadium, the new batter’s eye has become a topic of focus.

Max Muncy sustained a left ring finger injury earlier this week when he was hit by a pitch that he struggled to see.

“It was in the intrasquad game, a pitch ran up and in and hit me right on the finger. It was one of those things where I couldn’t really see the ball,” Muncy explained.

“I’m trying to adjust to some of the changes we’ve got out there. Just never saw it and it came up and in on me and hit me right in the finger. Muncy stopped short of blaming the new batter’s eye, but conceded it will take some time to get used to.

“It’s different than what we’ve had here,” he added. “I will say I know pitchers are pretty happy about the batter’s eye out there. It’s just something we have to get used to.”

After receiving feedback from some of the players, the Dodgers are already in the process of making changes to the batter’s eye.

“Obviously it’s a new batter’s eye. But I think they’re already working on the adjustments, those are something we brought the attention to potentially make it better,” Cody Bellinger said. “We all voiced our opinions on what would be better, what we think about it and I think they’re already making changes on the batter’s eye. So it’s gonna be all good.

“It just was a little low and then the seats weren’t blocked off so if there were fans there then the pitcher’s arm could potentially come out of those stands. But those are very minor adjustments. I feel like so they’re already working towards making it better.”

As to what is specifically being changed, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts revealed there are ongoing talks being held. “They’re still in discussions,” he said.

“Part of it is the paint color to be a little more of a matte finish instead of glossy. There’s some seats out on the left and right side of the hitter’s eye, that we’re trying to talk through some different options.

“This is still a work in progress. We’re doing the best we can to hear them and make it beneficial to everyone.”

No matter what the finished product looks like, Roberts agreed with the decision to fix the batter’s eye. “In past years here, we’ve had a big black tarp in center field and it just makes the visual easier for the hitters to see the ball coming in from the pitcher,” he said.

“With some of the renovations we did, it’s kind of changed the depth perception and there’s more layers. The seats, because the hitter’s eye is not as high as it was, it’s something that hitters were talking about and trying to figure out what’s best for everybody.”

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