Sports City: Los Angeles Sports News Update

Dodgers Concerned About Guidelines

While every team figures to deal with a similar occurrence this season, the Dodgers could be at a disadvantage. L.A. County law requires all people who come in close contact with a COVID-19 patient to quarantine for two weeks, regardless of whether or not they test positive themselves.

The Dodgers, with the help of Major League Baseball, are reportedly seeking an exemption from the law, but haven’t been granted one at this time, via Jorge Castillo of the L.A. Times, MLB and the Dodgers have engaged in discussions with the L.A. County Department of Public Health about the team receiving an exemption, but the team hasn’t received one, according to people with knowledge of the situation.

“We have been working closely with all the major league sport teams in LA County to ensure as much safety as possible for employees, players, and community residents when there are positive cases and identified close contacts among team members. We are reviewing specific plans to ensure that risks for transmission are minimized.”

If the L.A. County ruling remains intact, it could have negative ramifications for the Dodgers in the regular season. Should a player test positive for COVID-19, others deemed to have been in close contact may be forced to miss a sizable chunk of the 60-game schedule, even if they don’t contract the virus.

Lakers Favorites To Win NBA Title

Per oddsmakers this week, three teams currently stand out among the pack with the best odds of winning the NBA Championship. The Los Angeles Lakers remain the favorite among teams that will resume the season on July 30. They are +250 which according to this Lakers Betting Guide means they will pay $2.50 for every $1.00 wagered.

While the Milwaukee Bucks are at +300 and the Los Angeles Clippers at +325, the Lakers Anthony Davis believes the Lakers odds will only get better.

“Actually, I think our chances are higher, just because we are all rested and ready to go. If anything our chances got higher. This season is going to be about who wants it more. Everybody kind of had a decompression from the season. Obviously there’s other stuff going on, but it’s about who wants it more and which team can stay healthy.”

The Lakers restart their season on July 30 against their hometown rival Clippers.

Kings Said To Favor Quinton Byfield

Last week the Athletic’s Scott Wheeler noted that some ranked Los Angeles Kings farm system first overall, and that was before they traded for Tyler Madden. Adding that the team seems to be leaning towards selecting Quinton Byfield over Tim Stutzle, but that in either situation it’s an embarrassment of riches for a team that’s looking to reverse direction.

Byfield is just 17-year-olds, and is already 6’5″. He brings not only size but skill. He scored 32 goals and put up 82 points in 45 games in the OHL last season, and can play either the pivot or leftwing, which is important to the Kings as they already have a number of highly skilled prospects at the center position.