San Jose Sharks News: Evander Kane Being Sued By Las Vegas Casino

San Jose Sharks forward Evander Kane is being sued by a Las Vegas Casino for having failed to pay back a total of $500,000 in gambling markers that were given to him in the month of April.

According to a Las Vegas Review Journal, a lawsuit was filed by the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas on Monday, and the details of the case were that Evander Kane took out 8 different credits which all sums up to $500,000 which is the exact amount he is being sued for. It is said that Evander Kane took out these credits in mid-April.

Markers are credits that only allow qualified gamblers to have access to money instantly. The markers allow Kane and other qualified gamblers to have access to large amounts of money to gamble with. Since Kane has failed to pay back the amount, the Las Vegas casino now seeks restitution and repayment of the legal fees incurred during the lawsuit.

It has been alleged that Evander and the Sharks were in Las Vegas during the period he actually used the markers. During this time, San Jose played the Golden Knights for the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. San Jose Sharks just forwarded the player in Las Vegas on the account that he has a debt worth $500,000. The lawsuit was filed on Monday in the Clark County District Court by the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. Details about the case are that Kane failed to pay them $500,000 in gambling markers.

Evander is a Canadian citizen and the court files indicate that he took out 8 different credits of amounts ranging between $20,000 and $100,000 all summing up to $500,000 on April 15 or around that date. This date falls in between the Stanley Cup first-round playoff Games 3 and 4. The games were played between the Vegas Golden Knights and the Sharks. Apart from the refund of the money, the Cosmopolitan also wants repayment of all the legal fees used during the process of the lawsuit and on inquiries, the Cosmopolitan failed to make any comments about this case as it is against company policy.

Kane signed a 7-year deal with the Sharks back in 2018 and the deal was worth $49 million and he is known for being notorious since he has an already on-going feud with Ryan Reaves, Knights. At the moment of the lawsuit Kane was just in the second year of the 7-year deal he got into with the Sharks. Just as the Cosmopolitan, the NHL team did not respond to any questions and they did not give any comments about the case. During this season Kane who is 28 years old will make $8 as part of the 7-year $49 million deal he entered into with the Sharks in 2018. Kane made allegations that he was assaulted by a referee just before he was ejected from a pre-season game. This came after Kane was suspended by the NHL and as a result, he lost about $113,000 of his pay.

Kane, who is a famous player and who signed a deal worth so much has not said anything publicly pertaining to the lawsuit and the casino that sued him has also declined to make any comments since the litigation is pending. One of the most interesting things about this lawsuit is the fact that the casino states that the markers were extended to Kane on April 15 which is a day between very important games of the Sharks Golden Knights round playoff series in Las Vegas.


During this time, the Golden Knights win both the games. News has it that during Game 3 of the 2019 playoff series Kane and Reaves got into a scuffle, just a night before Kane was issued the Casino Markers by the Cosmopolitan. As a result of this rivalry, Kane is the Knights’ fans number 1 enemy. Kane and Reaves have had an on-going rivalry and they kept it going on into this season just after Kane got ejected for an argument with a referee during the team’s preseason finale. The team was meant to play against the Knights in Las Vegas. Reaves went ahead to give a comment that he was disappointed that Evander Kane was going to miss the game due to his suspension for the first 3 regular-season games. It can be easily concluded that Evander Kane doesn’t have many fans in Las Vegas due to the Sharks and Golden Knights rivalry plus the fact that he has a case to answer over the half-million-dollar debt in gambling.

With all these going on, Kane has so much on his plate and apart from just being suspended for abuse of officials, he has a lawsuit that he has to answer to. This might also be a reason for him to never have one of these very lucrative Promoter-Deals with an Online Casino or similar business. It isn’t very likely that any gambling company will ever hire him as a brand ambassador if he’s got a Casino-Lawsuit in his vita. Casinos or bookmakers promoting their brand with a popular star has gotten quite common and on you can find a list of successful stars, who have such an advertisement deal.

It seems, that Kane at the moment has a streak of bad luck and it surely will be hard for him to concentrate on his sports career with such an expensive lawsuit around. Let’s wish him all the best and see how it goes.