Rams To Report To Training Camp On July 27 And 28 For Coronavirus Testing

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The start of the 2020 NFL season is just around the corner, although there are still a ton of details that need to be sorted out before the Los Angeles Rams take the field.

Teams were expected to report for training camp this week but that has been delayed a bit due to the league’s lack of health and safety protocols in place to combat the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The NFL recently announced that players and staff members will be tested every day in training camp, which is a good start, but there’s still plenty of other stuff to be done. Rams head coach Sean McVay recently questioned how players will be able to maintain social distancing while also playing football, which is a valid question to ask at this time.

It appears there is more clarification on when Rams players will be showing up to the team’s practice facility as according to Stu Jackson of TheRams.com, rookies and quarterbacks will report on Monday with veterans to follow on Tuesday:

Rams rookies and quarterbacks will report for COVID-19 testing only on July 27, veterans on July 28.

The actual report date for training camp will come after that and be announced at a later date.

— Stu Jackson (@StuJRams) July 23, 2020

That is just for coronavirus testing, however, as it won’t be for a few more days after that they can actually take the field and begin practicing:

That post-testing procedure is important to note (and something I should’ve mentioned in the original tweet). https://t.co/SZZAluRiVI

— Stu Jackson (@StuJRams) July 23, 2020

While other sports seasons are currently getting underway, they have strict protocols in place to ensure player safety, which is what the NFL still lacks and are meeting with the NFLPA almost daily to get sorted out.

It’s also unclear when the Rams will be taking the field for the first time as the preseason has already been shortened from four to two games, and some reports indicate that they will be getting rid of the preseason altogether this year.

If that is the case then the Rams won’t have much time or reps to prepare for the 2020 season, which will make things extra difficult after they overhauled their roster and coaching staff this offseason.

With players reporting in the next few days, all of these questions and concerns should be sorted out sooner rather than later.

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