Rams News: Van Jefferson Explains Names Son Champ After Being Born Right After Super Bowl LVI

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It was a crazy and wild ride, but the Los Angeles Rams’ aggressive team-building strategy worked as they were crowned Super Bowl LVI champions.

Matthew Stafford proved he was the quarterback upgrade the Rams needed while Cooper Kupp capped off his historic 2021 season by being named Super Bowl LVI MVP. Aaron Donald defined his legacy as arguably the greatest defensive player ever, and head coach Sean McVay became the youngest head coach to ever win a Super Bowl.

The stories and narratives for Los Angeles go on and on, but one that flew under the radar involved Van Jefferson and his family. Jefferson’s wife attended the game about to go into labor and was eventually ushered out to deliver their child mid-game. Jefferson did not get much time to celebrate the win with his teammates as he rushed out to meet her at the hospital.

Jefferson later revealed they named his son Champ and he explained the decision to do so, via Cameron DaSilva of USA Today:

“It wasn’t always picked,” he said. “We were really thinking about ‘Wynn’ and ‘Miles’ but then it was like, I think it’s very fitting to name him Champ. And we just looked it up and Champ is like a warrior. And my wife is a warrior. What she did that whole game and what she did throughout the whole week of the Super Bowl, the week of Super Bowl being so crazy, he’s a champ and she’s a warrior, so Champ Curtis Jefferson. That’s the name we got.”

Perhaps there was no other way to commemorate such a special day for Jefferson and his family and it will certainly be a day that none of them could ever forget. The wideout’s success both on and off the field is heartwarming and makes for an amazing story.

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