Rams News: Todd Gurley Has Big Expectations For Dante Fowler Jr. This Season

Coming off of a Super Bowl loss, the present is just as important as the future for the Los Angeles Rams. Honing the team they have worked hard to build in order to win a Super Bowl is undoubtedly the focus on the field and in the front office.

However, the Rams have not forgotten entirely about the future. With Aaron Donald, Todd Gurley, Sean McVay and Les Snead all signed to multi-year contract extensions, the future is bright.

Beyond those four and quarterback Jared Goff, it is hard to pick a clear cut star in the making. However, Gurley believes that linebacker Dante Fowler Jr. just might be that next star, via Yahoo! Sports:

“Dante Fowler Jr. I know we signed him back on a one-year, we might need to go ahead and get him again. He’s been a new animal. He’s been getting to the ball as fast as Aaron Donald, so that tells you a lot about him.”

The Rams acquired Fowler Jr. from the Jacksonville Jaguars last October. In his eight games for the Rams, Fowler put up 21 total tackles and two sacks.

While those are not quite the numbers that Donald has put up, to receive such praise is certainly encouraging. For a No. 3 overall pick, Fowler did not receive much playing time in Jacksonville, only starting one game in his 39 games. He started six of his eight games with the Rams and will most likely be starting this season as well.

The Rams will need any and all help on the defensive end this year. This offseason saw the departures of safety Lamarcus Joyner and nose tackle Ndamukong Suh, key pieces on the Rams defense last year. Of course, the additions of Clay Matthews and Eric Weddle should help to soften the blow. If Gurley’s prediction proves to be true and Fowler excels, the Rams defense will be especially scary.

Considering Fowler only singed a one-year contract with the Rams, he will be in a contract year once again in 2019 so should be extra motivated to continue to perform at a high level.

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