Rams News: Sean McVay Places Emphasis On Team Continuing To Improve

There has been plenty of speculation regarding the state of the Los Angeles Rams offense heading into the 2019 NFL season.

Since his arrival, head coach Sean McVay has turned the Rams’ offense from a lackluster group to one of the most high-powered units in the NFL. As a result, it is safe to assume that Los Angeles would be able to keep it going in McVay’s third year at the helm.

Unfortunately, their abysmal showing against the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LIII has caused some to believe that his once-revolutionary scheme has started to get figured out by the rest of the league. McVay understands that the onus is on him to help this offense maintain the high standards they have set moving forward.

According to Stu Jackson of the team’s official website, he feels it is important for the coaching staff to keep looking for ways to improve in all areas of the game:

“The challenge for us as coaches, whether it be offense, defense, special teams, is always to stay up to date, not lose sight of what some of the foundational things are that have helped you sustain a certain level of success,” McVay said. “Or what you haven’t done great, you’ve got to be able to fix that. We talk about being able to face it, fix it and then do it better the next time.”

It is encouraging to see that McVay is focused on not letting this team rest on its merits just yet. Although the Rams have come a long way since their days as the worst offense in the NFL, there is still plenty of work to be done if they hope to make it back to the Super Bowl.

Opposing defensive coordinators will continue to study the supposed blueprint of containing McVay’s approach on offense. Fortunately, it is clear that he is looking forward to the challenge of finding new ways to be efficient with their scheme.

There is good reason for McVay to be optimistic after avoiding some serious turnover on offense this offseason. His group will still be led by quarterback Jared Goff, running back Todd Gurley, and a trio of Pro Bowl-caliber wide receivers in Brandin Cooks, Robert Woods, and Cooper Kupp, who is returning from injury.

Los Angles led the NFL in scoring during McVay’s debut season and finished second behind the Kansas City Chiefs during the 2018 campaign. It is safe to say that the opposition will have their work cut out trying to prevent him from finding different ways to score any time soon.

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