Rams News: Sean McVay ‘Grateful’ For Relationship With Bill Belichick

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The football world saw a number of legendary coaches move on from their current positions. Perhaps the biggest was Bill Belichick parting ways with the New England Patriots after 24 seasons and six Super Bowls together, the last of which came at the expense of Sean McVay and the Los Angeles Rams.

McVay is viewed as arguably the best young coach in the NFL and, like many, would love to have a legacy like the one Belichick has in New England with the Rams. McVay is thankful for the relationship he has with the former Patriots coach and remains in awe at his consistency over time.

“With Coach Belichick, he has been so great to me,” McVay said. “You start in this business and you’re a fan of the coaches and I had such respect and admiration and then obviously it was a really humbling experience in the Super Bowl in ‘18. But the relationship that we’ve been able to develop, the way that you can almost feel like he’s done so much for this game that it almost felt like he was giving back to the game with the information that he shares and how he’s always treated me. And that sure means a lot.

“But just the amount of the work capacity, the consistent stamina that he’s had, the way that he’s been able to develop players, coaches, and people around him. And then the results are one thing, but it’s just the consistency over time.”

From 2001 until 2019, Belichick led the Patriots to the AFC Championship or further 13 times. That level of success for that long of a period of time is simply unheard of and any coach, McVay included, would love to build something similar.

Rams coach Sean McVay grateful for information Bill Belichick shared

The Rams coach actually got connected with Belichick through current University of Arizona coach Jedd Fisch and their bond grew from there with McVay being extremely grateful for the information he was willing to share.

“But we got connected and I was just so grateful for how willing and open he was when we first ended up spending some time together,” the Rams coach added. “There was obviously a lot of respect on my end, but there was just a willingness to share and to answer questions and provide a perspective that nobody but him really can provide and so that was something that I always appreciate and he’s been consistent with that throughout.

“So I’ve just enjoyed the interactions that have occurred. I can’t speak for him, but it’s been a special thing and I’d be surprised if he’s not still coaching because of the way that he does it at such a high level.”

Belichick is known as a cold and calculated coach so it is refreshing to see that he really did have great relationships with other coaches around the league. Sean McVay undoubtedly benefitted from everything Belichick shared with him and he will continue to use that information to build the Rams franchise up.

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