Rams News: Sean McVay Discusses Stopping Jalen Hurts & Eagles’ ‘Tush Push’ QB Sneak

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Sean McVay and the Los Angeles Rams are preparing for a marquee matchup against the undefeated Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday at SoFi Stadium. The Eagles have proven themselves to be one of football’s most dynamic offenses, and their stout defensive line could present problems for a relatively inexperienced Rams offensive front.

The Rams certainly have their work cut out for them in all phases, but perhaps the biggest challenge is stopping the Eagles’ “Tush Push,” a QB sneak play that has become borderline unstoppable since the start of the 2022 season. The play is usually deployed on third-and-one or fourth-and-one situations, and involves the Eagles offensive line falling forward while skill players push the back of Jalen Hurts forward.

The play has a success rate above 90% since the start of last season, and has even been the discussion of possible rule changes due to its unstoppable nature.

McVay spoke about the play and if the Rams have any ways of stopping the Eagles from executing it successfully.

“You tell me. I don’t know that anybody has an answer,” McVay said. “I think when you look at it, the execution that they have and going back years with (Eagles Run Game Coordinator and Offensive Line Coach) Coach Stoutland, he even got there with (former Eagles and current UCLA Head Coach) Coach Chip Kelly. The emphasis of that, their personnel, then their execution of the techniques and just being able to win that leverage and be able to get that push, it’s incredible.

“Then when you see a lot of teams try to replicate it around the league, it doesn’t look anything like that. I think it’s a huge credit to those guys, their commitment to it. They pick and choose their spots when they have some complimentary mixers off of that. It’s one of those deals that you give a tremendous amount of credit to number one their players for being able to execute it, but also the buyin to continuously activate that and the finer details with the techniques, the fundamentals where it comes to life on the tape it seems like week in and week out.”

McVay also explained if he’s had any considerations of adding a play like that to the Rams playbook. But he knows that his situation is different than what the Eagles have.

“Yeah, did you see the Seattle play? We tried it. It didn’t look very good. That’s why we had to go for it on fourth and one. We tried it on second down. It looked nothing like Philly’s. We got some other things maybe we’ll try.”

The Eagles have a unique blend of offensive line talent, QB strength and consistency with their offensive unit. They have perfected the QB sneak over the last year and a half, and it’s no surprise that other teams are struggling to replicate what Philadelphia has.

But the Rams have found their own way to be effective offensively this season. And they’ll need to lean on their strengths to have a chance at beating one of football’s best teams.

Cooper Kupp practicing with Rams

One huge piece that could help the Rams surprise the Eagles is the return of star wide receiver Cooper Kupp. On injured reserve since Week 1, Kupp has missed his required four games, and his 21-day practice window was opened. He has made it a goal to return against the Eagles on Sunday.

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