Rams News: Rookies David Edwards, Taylor Rapp Impressed After Seeing New L.A. Stadium

Coming to Los Angeles can be a rush for many NFL rookies. The city of glitz and glamour can be a lot to take in.

Come the start of the 2020 NFL Season, the Los Angeles Rams will have even more to offer to their team and to their city with the opening of L.A. Stadium in Hollywood Park. The current crop of Rams rookies had a chance to sneak a peek at the project early.

According to Clarence Dennis of TheRams.com, rookie offensive lineman David Edwards was in awe of the state of the art stadium:

“The commitment to building a world-class stadium and the commitment to the community is just really cool,” Edwards continued, before marveling once again at the scale of the project.

“This is like the craziest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Of course Edwards was enamored by the sights of the new stadium, but he also was pleased with the Rams efforts to help the community, as he mentioned. By that, Edwards was referring to the stadium looking to hire formerly incarcerated people.

Hollywood Park is going to include L.A. Stadium but also is going to be much more. In addition to the 70,000 seat open-air stadium, Hollywood Park will feature a hotel, office space, and high-end housing. The area is still roughly 13 months away from being completed.

The Rams rookies were all recently signed to their rookie contracts, and visiting L.A. Stadium was a fun way to solidify their signing. For safety Taylor Rapp, he stated that he is looking forward to getting out on the new field:

“I’ve dreamt of the moment coming out of here on gameday my whole life,” safety Taylor Rapp said, standing in what will one day be the Los Angeles Rams home locker room.

While the idea of a new stadium is certainly exciting, there is still work to be done. There would be no better way to enter the new stadium than with a new Vince Lombardi Trophy.

The Rams will again be one of the favorites to win the Super Bowl this season, and if they do, they could open up their new building with a banner raising ceremony.

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