Rams News: Robert Woods Feeling More Comfortable Than Ever Due To ‘Understanding’ Of Defenses

Although one of the newer NFL coaches, Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay has created something special. His offense has been one of the best in the league and taken the team all the way to the Super Bowl in just his second year.

The Rams offense ranked dead last in scoring the season before McVay took over, and since then, they have ranked in the top two in each of his two seasons.

Part of the reason for that has been some key offensive additions through free agency, and one of those has been wide receiver Robert Woods.

Woods had his best season in the NFL last year, and talked about the ease he has found on the field in Los Angeles, via Clarence Dennis of therams.com:

“I’m able to comfortably understand the game — real confident on the field, understand the coverages, understand how defenses are going to play me on a play, and our team,” Woods said. “I think that helps going into year seven, I’m able to be calm, be confident, and be comfortable when I’m walking out on the field.”

That comfort has led to Woods becoming one of the best receivers in the NFL. He put up the 12th most receiving yards in the league last year, with teammate Brandin Cooks right behind him at 13. Woods career year made him quarterback Jared Goff’s number one target, getting 130 targets and converting for 86 catches, 1,219 yards and six touchdowns.

Woods has been in the league for seven years but never quite developed into one of the top receivers until he joined McVay and the Rams, which is not only a testament to what McVay is doing, but also Woods’ hard work and his desire to be great.

The expectations for the Rams are sky-high this year. Woods thinks that last year was just the start of what he could be doing on the field. If that holds true, there is no reason why the Rams will not end up in the Super Bowl once again.

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