Rams News: Matthew Stafford Reacts To Clinching Playoff Spot, Discusses Turnover Issues

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The Los Angeles Rams have to feel good about themselves after securing another tough victory, this time coming against a feisty Minnesota Vikings team.

Playing on the road in the early slate is always a challenge, but the Rams have done well to adjust. Los Angeles made plays in all three phases and in the process secured themselves a spot in the 2022 NFL playoffs.

It is an accomplishment for Matthew Stafford to make the playoffs in his first season with the Rams but had a relatively ho-hum reaction to the news.

“Obviously, a great team win,” Stafford said. “Tough place to come in and play. This team’s played everybody that played this year really tough. We knew they were going to give us a big time fight. I thought our defense played outstanding. Run game was great. Less than spectacular in the pass game. Three turnovers is going to hurt us in a lot of games. It’s nice to come away with a win, there’s no doubt about that. I can play better. We can play better. So there’s always that.”

Stafford’s issues with interceptions crept up again as he threw three of them, and the quarterback explained how each of them occurred.

“All different. First, once I snuck out, I wish I would have just run, get what I can get, get down. Kind of in between whether I was going to throw that to him and just yanked it. Terrible play, to be honest with you, and backed up.

“One of them was tipped. I have to live with those. I kind of got hit as I threw it. I still feel like there’s a throw out there — if I don’t get hit on that one, probably a throw out there to Van (Jefferson) for a big play. Missed Odell (Beckham Jr.) on another third and one, short play. That took a bunch of attention with Cooper (Kupp) and had a chance to hit Odell for a big one and short-changed that one too. I can definitely play way better. Frustrated a little bit with how I played. In the second half we needed some plays. We were able to do enough in the pass game to come away with the win.”

It seemed as though Stafford had gotten past his turnover issues after a rough November, but it was a reminder that he can still be prone to mistakes in difficult situations. However, he should have a better showing in Week 17 against a decimated Baltimore Ravens secondary.

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