Rams News: Jimmy Kimmel Takes William Hayes On Dinosaur Adventure

The National Football League provides a diverse group of players in a locker room. Each player now gets the opportunity to immerse themselves with their teammates and share some information about themselves. For Los Angeles Rams defensive end William Hayes, one instance about himself turned into an adventure.

During the taping of Hard Knocks, Hayes stated that he doesn’t believe in dinosaurs, but he thought that mermaids could possible exist. During an episode of the Jimmy Kimmel show, Hayes received an opportunity to tour the National History Museum of Los Angeles.

Both Kimmel and Hayes were greeted by a friendly tour guide, who gave them a tour of the museum and showed Hayes all the fossils and artifacts throughout the venue. Hayes, who skeptically said dinosaurs don’t exist before the tour began, had a humorous tone with Kimmel throughout the night.

At one point, Kimmel and his team took a humorous approach and scared Hayes with the appearance of a dinosaur.

Hayes and Kimmel had a great time throughout the tour and got to experience the history of species that reigned long before we did.

In NFL related news, the defensive end of the Rams recently signed a three-year deal in the offseason, as he intends on remaining with the Rams through the 2018 season.

During six starts this season, Hayes has collected one sack and 18 tackles (13 solo).

You can watch the video here:

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