Rams News: Jared Goff Pledges To Donate $1,000 For Every Touchdown To California Strong

Los Angeles Rams quarterback Jared Goff has pledged to donate $1,000 to California Strong for every touchdown he throws. CA Strong is a non-profit foundation that uses it’s funds to assist California families affected by tragedies.

CA Strong was founded by members of the Milwaukee Brewers, all of whom have ties to California, Goff and the South Ventura County YMCA in response to the Thousand Oaks Shooting and Woolsey Fires last year. Approved CA Strong applicants receive financial assistance to help replace personal items and other costs incurred by disaster.

After seeing the impact CA Strong made in families lives, Goff knew he had to stick with the program, via TheRams.com:

“I am proud to provide season-long support for CA Strong to assist families in need following a crisis,” said Goff. “While handing out grants to families following the Woolsey and Hill fires, I witnessed firsthand the impact CA Strong is having on those in need. I am committed to CA Strong and its mission.”

The Woolsey Fire, Hill Fire and Thousand Oaks shooting all occurred days apart from each other last November. These tragedies took the lives of 16 Californians and displaced hundreds more. Since then, CA Strong has raised over $1.4 million for families in need and supplied over 650 families with funds.

The Rams also hosted thousands of victims and first responders for their Monday night thriller against the Kansas City Chiefs last season to help them cope with the tragedies.

While the founders of CA Strong all have personal ties to California, the Rams as an organization have ties to the Thousand Oaks area as that is where their practice facility and offices are, prompting them to become a partner of CA Strong.

Goff, of course, is no stranger to the dangers of California wildfires. He grew up in the Bay Area, which has seen a number of wildfires throughout the years.

With the 24-year old quarterback donating $1,000 per touchdown, that will hopefully translate to at least $30,000 for CA Strong. Goff has averaged 30 touchdown passes per season the last two years, but hopefully will improve on that for the 2019 season. He’s off to a decent start with two touchdown passes already recorded.

Goff recently signed a contract extension with the Rams, so his four-year, $134 million extension should allow him to make this type of donation for years to come for a cause that he is obviously very invested in.

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