Rams News: Jalen Ramsey Gives First Impression Of Matthew Stafford

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The Los Angeles Rams have made a habit of shoring up star power at some of the most key positions in the game.

They managed to pull off a blockbuster trade for cornerback Jalen Ramsey during the 2019 campaign that culminated with a long-term deal. They once again made headlines by acquiring quarterback Matthew Stafford in exchange for a trade package that included quarterback Jared Goff and two first-round picks this offseason.

Like Ramsey, the time had come for Stafford to capitalize on the championship window in L.A. It has not taken long to notice the stark difference from Goff.

Ramsey said during an appearance on the “Catchin’ Fades” podcast that while he still has plenty of love for Goff, Stafford’s presence is undeniable, via Cameron DaSilva of USA Today:

“I think so. It’s a different vibe,” Ramsey said. “You were there with JG and I rock with JG. I think JG showed he can be a winner. … I’ve got a lot of respect for JG. But like you said, they felt that they needed to make a change, especially Sean and how he feels about offense and his quarterback and he feels like this is his guy. Stafford, he definitely got a swag about him. He got a little lowkey swag about him, like a little in control – like, ‘This me. I got this.’ He feels confident that he’s rocking with a better overall team and he’s going to be able to put it together. And he’s got that chip on his shoulder, to be honest with you. He’s got that chip on his shoulder to show people – like, ‘Man, y’all say I got everything else but I can’t win. Alright. Now I’m in an organization that do things the right way.’”

Ramsey added that all the noise surrounding Stafford’s record with the Lions has only put a chip on his shoulder:

“Matthew Stafford, he hear his record, with wins and losses,” Ramsey said. “So I feel like it’s going to put that chip on his shoulder and something positive’s going to come out of that. Same with Sean, too, though. Because now it feel like, ‘Hey, y’all said we couldn’t do this. Now watch us work.’ I think some positives going to come out of that.”

It is safe to say that Ramsey knows a thing or two about playing with a chip on his shoulder. Despite a successful stint with the Jacksonville Jaguars, it has taken consecutive seasons of dominance in L.A. for him to be recognized as the best cornerback in the NFL.

The time has now come for Stafford to show what he is capable of with the right supporting cast around him. Although his arrival has generated some Super Bowl hype for the Rams, there are still questions as to whether he is truly the final piece to the puzzle.

Ramsey’s comments indicate that all the doubt has not gone unnoticed by Stafford leading up to the 2021 NFL season.

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