Rams News: First Five 2022 Draft Picks of the Los Angeles Rams

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The Los Angeles Rams just won their second Super Bowl this year, and all eyes were on them as they selected their draft class. As the 2022 champion of the Super Bowl, they were the last team to choose in the NFL Draft. However, after they traded Matthew Stafford last year, the team didn’t have a first-round draft pick.

This year’s draft selection was the Rams’ sixth straight year of not selecting in the first round. Some fans may or may not have expected this, but they sure did look forward to the rest of the Los Angeles Rams’ selection. If you’re here to know the rest of the 2022 NFL Draft picks of the team, here is a brief description of their first five drafted players.

Logan Bruss, G (Wisconsin)

Logan Bruss used to play for Wisconsin Badgers Football until he was drafted in the third round, 104th overall. He’s a six-foot-five player that was a Second-Team All-Big Ten selection in 2021. Bruss has experience as a correct tackle and started nine games for the college team. However, he missed three games due to his neck and shoulder injuries during the season.

Bruss played as an offensive guard for the Los Angeles Rams. However, his rookie season didn’t last long after he suffered a torn ACL and MCL just around the Rams’ second preseason game.

Decobie Durant, CB (South Carolina State)

Decobie Durant played college football at South Carolina State Bulldogs team before being drafted by the Rams as the 142nd pick in the fourth round of the 2022 NFL Draft. Durant initially caught the attention of the Rams general manager, Les Snead, as he played early last season. Snead described the cornerback as a competitive football player dominating the field. Though his team eventually lost, Durant seems to have made it to the manager’s radar.

Durant is now part of the roster for this new season of NFL and got the chance to step in after the cornerback Troy Hill was injured. Unfortunately, the Rams reported on the injury report of Week 3 that Durant will be sidelined due to a Grade 1 hamstring injury during their win against the Atlanta Falcons.

Kyren Williams, RB (Notre Dame)

Kyren Williams is a 22-year-old NFL rookie player, drafted by the Rams as the 164th pick in the 5th round of the 2022 NFL Draft. Williams is an exceptional football player that’s been playing since he was young, and he made names just when he was in high school. In college, he was named the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) Offensive Rookie of the Year, and the overall ACC Rookie of the Year the following year.

After the Rams drafted him, there was some unfortunate news that was announced related to this player. First, he broke his foot during Organized Team Activities. Then, even though he worked hard to participate in the new season, Williams suffered an ankle injury during his NFL debut. Due to this event, he was placed on injured reserve with no certainty of his return.

Quentin Lake, S (UCLA)

Quentin Lake was the 211th pick in the sixth round of the 2022 NFL Draft. He is no less impressive than the other players on this list. Son of the former NFL player Carnell Lake, Quentin Lake is one of the most talented drafted players who was rated a three-star prospect in high school. Several college football teams also attempted to recruit this young talent, and he joined the UCLA Bruins team, where he also left remarkable records.

Unfortunately, Lake has also experienced an injury in his knees since the start of training camp. He was one of the rookies that many fans were looking forward to. However, until now, there have been no updates regarding his circumstance, and he is still placed on the Physically Unable to Perform list at the start of the season.

Derion Kendrick, CB (Georgia)

Derion Kendrick used to play college football at Clemson. He started as a wide receiver in 2018 and played as a cornerback just before his sophomore year. However, in 2021, Kendrick was dismissed from Clemson’s college football and transferred to Georgia due to some disciplinary problems. However, this doesn’t invalidate his impressive seasons at Clemson.

Kendrick’s professional career after the Rams drafted him as the 212th pick in the 6th round of the NFL Draft. He plays for this team and is listed for the 2022 NFL season roster.

How to Bet on the 2023 NFL Draft?

Betting on NFL Draft is another way football bettors enjoy the offseason. By looking at the NFL draft odds your sportsbook offers, you can wager in many different ways. One of the most common betting types is by selecting the possible team where a player goes to or by placing bets in over/under for a player’s draft position. Thus, you must first find a reliable sportsbook that would accept the type of bet you’re going for.

Final Thoughts

The NFL Draft is one of the offseason’s highlights. So, many fans look forward to how the Rams will play out their card in preparation for the new competitive season. Moreover, if you have plans to bet for the following year’s 2023 NFL Draft selection of the Rams, it would be best to try to determine what the team is looking for, and in doing so, you can look for the common denominator from all their past drafted players.


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