Rams News: Eric Weddle Feuds With Antonio Brown On Social Media

In the last few years, Antonio Brown has quickly become one of the most polarizing figures in the NFL. The former Pittsburgh Steelers star forced his way out of town, eventually winding up on the Oakland Raiders. He didn’t play a single game there though as he wound up being released and signed with the New England Patriots, where he played one game before again being released due to a sexual assault accusation.

Now, Brown is not on a team and has said he has no plans of playing in the NFL again. With so much free time on his hands, he has been extremely active on social media, and that includes getting into it a bit with Los Angeles Rams safety Eric Weddle on Thursday afternoon.

The Twitter beef started after Brown tweeted what are supposedly lyrics from Lil Wayne’s “Momma Taught Me”, although he added in words of his own. New York Giants receiver Golden Tate replied simply with “What???” to which Weddle had a reply, saying “Def don’t” implying the “game” did not need Brown back. NFL Update provided a recap of the Twitter exchange:

Twitter fight: Antonio Brown and #Rams safety Eric Weddle are going back and forth. pic.twitter.com/eX2y2PbxaW

— NFL Update (@MySportsUpdate) September 26, 2019

Although Weddle tweeted to Brown that his initial tweet was not about him, it does seem odd. Weddle poked the bear but did not want to stick around for the aftermath. Brown continued to come after Weddle, saying he was seeking attention and that he was happy to have stiff-armed Weddle in a previous game. Strangely, Brown also wanted to make it known that he was not known as “AB” and that was his football name and brand.

Weddle, who was also confused by Brown’s tweet, gave one last jab as he wished Brown good luck at Central Michigan University. Brown has recently re-enrolled at his former school over 10 years since he left for the NFL.

Brown fired the final shots, tweeting photos of him stiff arming and scoring on Weddle during their time as members of the Steelers and Baltimore Ravens, respectively:

Some things will never change pic.twitter.com/vTveiVJ1In

— AB (@AB84) September 26, 2019

Weddle spent the last three seasons with the Ravens, divisional rivals of the Steelers. Although they never met in the playoffs, Brown and Weddle faced off many times over the course of their careers.

ESPN’s Lindsey Thiry shared video footage after the Rams practice today of Weddle, who clearly did not want to talk about Antonio Brown:

“I don’t know, I’m just worried about Tampa. I don’t really know what’s got everyone in a ruckus about. We had a great practice today, focused on a good Tampa team coming in. I’m honestly not even going to talk about it because it’s not worth any time, so if you guys want to talk about something about this week, go ahead.”

“It’s in the past, I said what I said he said what he said. You guys know me and that’s it. It’s not worth talking about it because he’s not my teammate, he doesn’t play in the league so there’s really no point.”

Weddle was in no mood to discuss his exchange with Brown but seemed fairly lighthearted throughout the clip. That being said, the Rams are hopefully focused on Tampa Bay, as he suggested. This weekend serves as an opportunity to get the Rams offense on track and move to 4-0 on the season while Brown will be watching from home.

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