Raiders News: Mark Davis Believes NFL Should Consider ‘Some Form Of Bubble’ For 2020 Season

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The 2020 NFL is just around the corner, although a lot remains up in the air at this time due to the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Unlike other sports that were in the middle of their seasons when the pandemic hit, the NFL was in its offseason so they have had the luxury of not making too many changes other than holding events, meetings and workouts virtually.

Training camp and the season can’t be virtual though, and with coronavirus cases continuing to spike in may states, people have begun to question if it will be safe to start the season on time.

One of those people is Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis. In an interview with Vincent Bonsignore of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Davis posed a valid question of why the NFL is not putting players in a “bubble” for the season as the NFL and NHL are doing:

“You can keep players from the fans, but you can’t keep players from the players,” Davis said. “That could be our Achilles’ heel. Without some form of bubble, we may be asking for trouble.”

With football being a contact sport and the players being forced to travel across the country week in and week out, there’s no doubt that there will be coronavirus cases throughout the league at some point. Taking the travel aspect out of it will not change that, although it certainly will help limit the players’ exposure to the outside world.

The NFL has not set anything in stone yet, so they could change course and find one place to host the 2020 season as opposed to teams playing in empty home stadiums. There is less than a month until the start of training camp though, so the clock is ticking for the league to make final decisions.

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