Raiders News: Las Vegas Ranks 3rd In 1st-Ever NFLPA ‘Free Agency Report Cards’

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With NFL free agency set to begin in just a couple of weeks, the Las Vegas Raiders will need to convince players that their best chance of success is to join the silver and black. But things aren’t just about on-field success, but also the entire organization and how they treat players.

Thanks to a new survey, the Raiders may have just gotten some help in showing players that they will be treated right in Las Vegas.

In the first-ever “free agency report cards” survey conducted by the NFL Players Association, the Raiders ranked third overall amongst all franchises, trailing just the Minnesota Vikings and Miami Dolphins:

The NFL Players Association on Wednesday released what it describes as “free agency report cards” for all 32 teams, presenting the results of a player survey on topics ranging from quality of team facilities to treatment of player families. The players’ union ranked all 32 teams against each other in the hope of providing players with information they might be able to use in free agency when deciding on new teams.

The three top-ranked teams overall, in order, were the Minnesota Vikings, the Miami Dolphins and the Las Vegas Raiders. The bottom three (ranked 30 through 32, in order) were the Los Angeles Chargers, Arizona Cardinals and the Washington Commanders.

This is a very interesting concept that could help players make upcoming free-agency decisions. Around 1,300 players responded to the survey with players giving opinions solely on their own team via a 60-question survey. The eight topics covered in the survey were: treatment of player families, food service/nutrition, weight room, strength coaches, training room, training staff, locker room and team travel.

NFLPA President JC Tretter says the plan is for the survey to be an annual thing in order to account for changes being made to address the issues. Tretter added that he hopes teams near the end of the rankings will adjust some of their decisions based on what teams near the front are doing.

With this high ranking, it is clear that the Raiders as an organization are doing a great job giving their players exactly what they need.

Raiders Coach Josh McDaniels Wants “Tough, Smart, Explosive Players” On Defense

As far as on the field, the Raiders still have improvements to make and that especially rings true on the defensive side of the ball. Raiders coach Josh McDaniels knows this and has an idea of the type of players he wants to add in free agency.

McDaniels said that he wants to add “tough, smart, explosive players” at all levels of the defense this offseason and will explore all avenues to do just that.

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