Raiders News: Kenyan Drake Calls For NFL To Review Tackle That Cause Ankle Injury

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Las Vegas Raiders running back Kenyan Drake is out for the rest of the season after suffering a broken ankle in the team’s loss to the Washington Football Team on Sunday. The injury occurred in the second quarter on a tackle from Washington DT Daniel Wise.

As Drake was being tackled to the ground by other defensive players, Wise pulled Drake back, putting his body weight onto the Raiders RB’s leg in the process. It looked like a normal NFL tackle that had a poor result in normal speed. However, a closer inspection tells a different story.

Drake took to Twitter to call out the NFL for not protecting players on these types of tackles, using video evidence to show why it should be considered an illegal play.

Graphic Video Warning: The #NFL needs to look at this specific style of tackling. They are throwing flags for taunting and protecting qbs from getting touched but this is my 2nd straight season being injured by a guy pulling me back and using his body weight to roll up my legs.

— Kenyan Drake (@KDx32) December 6, 2021

Drake continued his argument in a follow-up tweet, saying that the league is too focused on penalizing much more harmless situations such as taunting.

If the emphasis is to protect the players this should be an illegal form of tackling like a horse collar. We lose players weekly to high ankle sprains and broken bones but the league would rather flag players for erroneous taunting penalties. Let’s get the priorities together

— Kenyan Drake (@KDx32) December 6, 2021

Perhaps this injury and the subsequent reaction from Drake is enough to get the NFL to review these types of tackles in the offseason. Of course, rules are seldom changed in the middle of the season, but perhaps in 2022 — when Drake is back and fully recovered — he’ll have the change he desires.

Drake is under contract with the Raiders for next season as well. So hopefully, he can quickly return to full health and be back in the Raiders backfield next year.

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