Raiders News: Josh McDaniels Reacts To Josh Jacobs’ Absence At Training Camp

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The situation between the Las Vegas Raiders and Josh Jacobs remains tenuous after the two sides failed to agree on a contract extension last week.

Jacobs has been away from the Raiders, and that absence will continue as he failed to get the deal he was hoping for. Running backs across the league have been upset with the overall situation regarding their position group getting paid and this outcome only added more fuel to the fire.

Although Jacobs didn’t appear for the start of training camp, there appear to be no hard feelings from Josh McDaniels. When addressing Jacobs’s absence, McDaniels emphasized he is allowing things to naturally play out.

“Well obviously I can’t speak for anything that happened in the meeting. I obviously wasn’t privy to any of that. But look, I respect every player’s right to try to do what’s best for him. That’s why the league is what it is in terms of value and contracts, and those things are personal. We all have to go through them. I understand it. I’ve said it multiple times this spring.

“I respect him [Josh Jacobs] tremendously. I have a great deal of respect for him as a player, as a person, what he did for our team last year, and I look forward to seeing him whenever he is here. And I respect that process, too. It’s his decision to make, and I know they all have to do what they think is best for them. Like I said, we all have to do those things in our lives, and I have a great deal of respect for him.”

Because Jacobs didn’t sign the franchise tag, he’s not required to be at camp but still has the ability to sign a one-year deal. Saquan Barkley was also holding out for an extension but instead signed a one-year contract with the New York Giants that will pay him slightly above the franchise tender of just about $10 million.

It’s anyone’s guess how long Jacobs will choose to sit out team activities, but in the meantime, the Raiders will need to focus on getting ready for the upcoming 2023 season.

Davante Adams gives Josh Jacobs advice on contract situation

Las Vegas seems to be handling Jacobs holding out pretty well given the circumstances, including Davante Adams who has had his own experience negotiating new deals. Adams recently discussed the situation and advised that Jacobs do what’s best and makes the most sense for him.

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