Raiders News: Jimmy Garoppolo Says His Leadership Style Is About Setting The Example

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It hasn’t taken long for Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo to step up as a leader on this team. One of the best qualities of previous starter Derek Carr was his leadership, and the Raiders locker room clearly followed his lead. Some wondered whether Garoppolo would be able to command that same level of respect.

But he has already begun doing just that, drawing praise from coaches and teammates throughout training camp and again following the Raiders’ opening week victory over the Denver Broncos. Garoppolo’s toughness stood out as he bounced back from a rough hit to throw a touchdown on his first drive and would add a second in the fourth quarter to get the Raiders a 17-16 road win.

The team is already rallying around Garoppolo despite maybe not being the loudest or most brash person. Rather Garoppolo is more about setting the example.

“Just being myself,” Garoppolo said when asked about his leadership style. “I think trying to set the example by what you do, not exactly by what you say. You’ve got to show the guys that you’re willing to do it, and I think that’s the best way to do it.”

There is no singular way to lead, rather an individual must figure out what works best for themselves, and this has obviously worked well for Garoppolo. It is why he has been so successful throughout his NFL career so far, and he is looking to continue growing with the Raiders moving forward.

“Having a live game now, being out there with the guys being in the huddle, you get to see what guys are made of, see in those big moments, you look in a guy’s eyes and you can see who wants it and things like that,” the Raiders quarterback added. “It’s just the way we’re growing right now.”

Those big moments that Garoppolo speaks about shows everything. When push comes to shove and the team gets in that huddle during the biggest drive of the game, you are able to see who really is prepared to step up and do what is necessary to get that win.

Garoppolo thrives in those moments, and he plans on leading the way for this Raiders team as they continue to grow and come together. The first week was a great start as they got a huge road win against a divisional opponent, and now the team will try and build off of this excellent start to the season.

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