Raiders News: Jimmy Garoppolo Has No Interest In Being Featured In Netflix’s ‘Quarterback’

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Fans will never understand how much preparation and work go into playing in the NFL, though they get a better sense of what quarterbacks go through when Netflix’s docuseries “Quarterback” released earlier this summer.

Season 1 of the program featured Patrick Mahomes, Kirk Cousins and Marcus Mariota who gave the cameras an inside look at things like their family life and recovery methods. The signal callers shared their thoughts and feelings on a variety of topics, providing more insight into what it’s like to be a quarterback in the league.

The show was well-received by fans and was greenlit for a second season. However, several quarterbacks have already turned down invitations to appear in the new season.

Jimmy Garoppolo would make for an interesting candidate to be featured but the Las Vegas Raider said he has no interest in making an appearance via Adam Hill of Las Vegas Review-Journal:

“They love it,” Garoppolo said of his brothers. “I think they have a different perspective of what we go through. People just think you go out there on Sunday and start slinging it around. There’s a lot that goes into it.

“But that’s not for me.”

Garoppolo’s experience and career arc would make fascinating subjects for Netflix to explore and flesh out, but it appears that’ll never happen. Garoppolo’s also got to juggle a lot as he enters his first season with the Silver and Black and he’s perhaps made the right choice to publicly decline as camera crews can often be a distraction.

Focusing on the season and practice is the right route for Garoppolo and Las Vegas as the two sides each have something to prove. The playoffs have been eluding the franchise, so keeping their heads down and doing the work to position themselves to get there should be the priority instead of a Netflix show.

Josh McDaniels has no concerns over Jimmy Garoppolo’s interceptions in training camp

Although Garoppolo’s familiar with Josh McDaniels and the offense, his tenure hasn’t gotten off to the best start. Garoppolo reportedly threw seven interceptions across two practices, a worrying sign for someone who’s struggled with turnovers in the past.

Fans will of course overreact when they see that kind of news, but McDaniels said he isn’t concerned about Garoppolo’s interceptions.

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