Raiders News: Isaiah Johnson’s Only Goal Is To ‘Help The Team Win Games’ After Retuning From Injury

The Oakland Raiders have sustained a staggering amount of injuries throughout the 2019season. Luckily, their bye week has allowed for a lot of those players to get healthy.

Although players like Tyrell Williams, Gabe Jackson and Clelin Ferrell will likely be ready for Week 7, the Raiders will be down at least one player still and that is rookie cornerback Isaiah Johnson. He was injured during the preseason after taking a knee to the head, suffering a facial fracture and concussion.

Until recently Johnson has been completely sidelined from all team practices and games. He finally got some time back on the practice field on Monday, which according to Scott Blair of NBC Sports Bay Area, gives the Raiders 21 days to either activate him or place him on the injured reserved list for the duration of the season.

Despite suffering an intense injury as a rookie, Johnson’s outlook has been full of optimism, knowing this will not be the end of his career:

“I feel like everything happens for a reason,” Johnson said Monday. “I believe in marathons, not sprints. Everybody has a time and place for something to happen. My time just wasn’t then. When I got hurt, it didn’t really destroy me mentally. I knew there were steps to take to get where I want to go. I used it as a learning experience.”

Johnson’s injury definitely could have had a much greater mental effect on the rookie. He was injured before final cuts and although he was a fourth-round pick, nothing was guaranteed.

However, Johnson made the active roster despite his injury and has done his best to keep educated on the Raiders’ opponents. He continues to be a part of film sessions with the team, although he noted it has been difficult as he has not been able to apply those film sessions to himself.

Johnson’s professionalism speaks largely to the player he will hopefully be on the field. He also added that no matter what role he receives after he is fully rehabilitated, he just wants to help the team win:

“My only goal is to help the team win games,” Johnson said. “That has always been the case, so I can do everything I set out to do. Whatever they need me to do, I’m going to come in and do it.”

So far the Raiders have been getting along fine without Johnson, however, more help will not hurt. With or without Johnson, the Raiders are preparing for their upcoming matchup with the Green Bay Packers. Their visit to Lambeau Field marks their fourth of five straight road games and will certainly not be an easy victory.

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