Raiders News: GM Dave Ziegler Says Davante Adams Will Be Involved In QB Process

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The most important decision the Las Vegas Raiders will make this offseason is who will be the team’s next quarterback. Whoever that person winds up being, they will have one of the best possible weapons at their disposal in star wide receiver Davante Adams.

In his first season with the Raiders, Adams was named a First-Team All-Pro for the third consecutive year and he has been open about his desire to be kept in the loop when it comes to the Raiders’ next signal caller. General manager Davie Ziegler agrees.

Speaking at the NFL Combine, Ziegler discussed his relationship with Adams, noting that is one of the closest he has ever had with an active player before adding that the receiver has earned the right to be kept in the loop on the quarterback conversations, via Hondo S. Carpenter of Sports Illustrated:

“Every relationship is kind of unique. I would say for myself — I won’t speak for Josh [McDaniels] — but for myself, Davante [Adams], me and him probably have one of the closest relationships that I’ve had with a player as an active player that’s still playing in the NFL. So, our communication is pretty fluid, whether it’s on the quarterback, or whether, it’s just in general conversation. Davante, we’ve talked about it before, he’s earned the right to be kept in that loop. Josh and I feel that way, by what he’s accomplished and who he is as a player and who he is as a leader on that team. So, he’ll be involved in those conversations, like you said. And Davante knows he’s not selecting who the quarterback is, but he’ll be involved in the process, and we’ll bounce some ideas off him. Ultimately, again it’s going to be the decision that we’re going to make, and he understands and respects that at the same time.”

As Ziegler noted, Adams himself won’t be making the decision, but his word does mean a lot and he has earned the right to have his voice heard both due to his play on the field as well as his leadership off of it.

Adams has already spoken openly about his desire to see Aaron Rodgers in a Raiders uniform and that very well could be the direction Ziegler and the Raiders go. But with other free agent options such as Jimmy Garoppolo available, as well as a top-10 pick in the draft, there are a number of ways the Raiders could choose.

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