Raiders News: Derek Carr Upset With Officiating On Offensive Pass Interference Call Against Chiefs

After a looking solid in their Week 1 matchup against the Denver Broncos, the Oakland Raiders felt flat on Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs. Although quarterback Derek Carr had solidified his legacy with the Raiders by becoming the team’s all-time passing leader, he and the team otherwise did not perform as well as they could have.

However, Carr and the Raiders feel that the odds were against them partially due to the officiating. The Raiders finished the game with seven penalties costing them 52 yards.

According to Jimmy Durkin of The Athletic, Carr was particularly bugged by an offensive pass interference call late in the third quarter that he felt cost the Raiders a chance at a comeback:

“It was offensive pass interference and they said he was blocking,” Carr said, the steam building as the words came out. “So I ask the man, I said, ‘Sir, why would I throw him the ball if he was blocking?’ And he didn’t have an answer for me and he walked away. So I just, I don’t know what to do in that instance.

“We got the coverage we want, we got the exact look we want, I’m throwing it to where I’m supposed to throw it and they tackle our receiver, yet it’s a penalty on us. This is changing the outcomes of a football game. Right? That shouldn’t happen. That blows my mind. When things like that happen, I get kind of upset.”

The officiating across the board definitely featured a flag-favoring squad. The Chiefs themselves earned 10 penalties that resulted in 114 yards lost.

Carr also just ended up having a rough second half, throwing interceptions on back-to-back drives and being sacked on back-to-back snaps on the Raiders final drive. One interception came only four yards from the endzone on a botched throw to Tyrell Williams.

Carr’s second interception is the very play he questioned the penalty on. Ryan Grant had contact with Chiefs safety Tyrann Mathieu and was signaled for offensive pass interference. Chiefs cornerback Charvarius Ward eventually intercepted the pass. Head coach Jon Gruden believes that he has never had a flag called on the slant route that Grant ran:

“We thought the safety ran into Grant. They thought Grant ran into the safety,” Gruden said. “It was a slant pattern. I’ve never had offensive pass interference called on a slant, but we did today and that one worked against us as well.”

Whatever may have happened, hopefully, Carr and the Raiders can bounce back against the Minnesota Vikings in their Week 3 matchup on Sunday.

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