Raiders News: Derek Carr ‘Thankful’ For Breaking Ken Stabler’s Franchise Passing Record

Although the Oakland Raiders came up short against the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 2 of the 2019 NFL season, quarterback Derek Carr managed to make history by passing quarterback Ken Stabler as the franchise’s all-time leading passer.

The defining play came on a 16-yard pass to tight end Darren Waller during the second quarter. Unfortunately, things quickly went downhill for him and the Raiders after that.

The Chiefs enjoyed a 28-point outburst heading into halftime. Although neither offense was impressive during the second half, Kansas City had already done more than enough to secure the win.

According to Josh Schrock of NBC Sports, Carr was still grateful for passing the late Stabler despite the circumstances:

“I wish it was under better circumstances,” Carr said after the game. “I wish we could have won, you know? But I’m never going to doubt anything like that again. Because I know how much it meant to him, how much it meant to his family and to all of our Raider fans who love Snake. I don’t know if anybody loves him more than my dad, to be honest with you. So I don’t know if my dad is happy or sad, we’ll see.

“But whenever something like that happens, there’s only 32 guys that have done that, right? And so I’m trying to be respectful of that honor, respectful of that moment. And honor him, honor his family. I’ve said that I’d do it with honor, I’ve said that I’d do it with respect, and that’s what I’m doing, even in a loss. I’m thankful, especially to do it for the Raiders, because I love this place. Now with that said, I just wish we would have won.”

Carr’s comments are certainly understandable considering how he became well-acquainted with Stabler as a Raider fan growing up. He has never been one to dwell on individual accolades over team accomplishments. Although the loss somewhat spoiled the career milestone for him, there are still plenty of reasons for him to be thankful.

While there is no question that Carr’s priority will be on bouncing back on the road against the Minnesota Vikings in Week 3, he will be within striking distance of securing another franchise record under his belt. He currently needs to throw 28 more touchdowns to become the Raiders’ all-time leader in that department as well.

Stabler’s record held for 40 years until Carr broke it in 80 games. It is safe to say that the 28-year-old still has plenty of football left ahead of him.

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