Raiders News: Derek Carr Calls Allegiant Stadium ‘Unbelievable,’ Has Big Plans For 2020 Season

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Derek Carr is undoubtedly the face of the Las Vegas Raiders and the quarterback is looking to bring the team back to glory after several down years in the Bay Area.

The Raiders are a team of intrigue heading into the 2020 NFL season as they will be relocating to Nevada with a revamped roster full of young talent on both sides of the ball. Meanwhile, it will be Carr’s third year under Jon Gruden and he will have more weapons available to him in the offense.

It is an exciting time for Las Vegas finally getting their own football team and stadium and according to Kyle Martin of, Carr is ecstatic about his new playing home:

“It’s unbelievable,” Carr said in reference to Allegiant Stadium. “It’s like that stadium definitely belongs across the street from the strip. You can see it from everywhere in town. You can see it from the golf course, from the houses, it’s just awesome and it looks like the Raiders’ stadium.”

It was recently announced that Allegiant Stadium will play host to the Pro Bowl in 2021, giving the best players from every team an opportunity to see the Raiders’ new home up close.

While Carr is impressed with Allegiant Stadium and excited for the potential to play in the Pro Bowl there, he still has his eyes on the main goal:

“Hopefully it’s a thing every year, to be honest,” Carr said. “I think [the Pro Bowl] should stay here, but like I’ve talked to you about, I’ve been to three Pro Bowls, it’s blessing, it’s cool, but I’m trying to do some other things.

“I’m trying to play in the Super Bowl, I’m trying to win the Super Bowl. The Pro Bowl is fun and all that stuff, it’s exciting and I think it’s great for the community, I think it’s a great thing for fans to see some of their favorite players up close and personal, and not just on Twitter or Instagram. You know me, I’ve got different plans this year.”

Unfortunately, Raiders fans may have to wait to see the team play live in their new stadium due to the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, but will still get a chance to see them on television when they open up the stadium against the New Orleans Saints on Monday Night Football in Week 2.

As for Carr’s Super Bowl aspirations, it will be a steep climb given the talent of the rest of the league and the youth of the current squad. A playoff spot is not out of the question, though, and it will be interesting to see how far Carr can lead this iteration of the Raiders in 2020.

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