Raiders News: Antonio Brown Settles On New Helmet For 2019-20 Season

Oakland Raiders wide receiver Antonio Brown was not able to get much practice time in with his new team this offseason after making multiple attempts to deal with his lingering helmet issue.

Brown was not pleased with the NFL’s decision to ban all helmets that had been manufactured prior to 2010. As a result, he filed multiple grievances against the league in an attempt to keep his old gear for the 2019 NFL season.

During that time, he had been a holdout from training camp and the preseason. Fortunately, it appears he has finally decided on a new helmet.

According to ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter, Brown revealed that he will be wearing the Xenith Shadow:

After the summer drama, Raiders’ WR Antonio Brown has opted to play this season in a Xenith Shadow helmet. Brown believes the Xenith Shadow makes him feel more agile and comfortable, and allows for better visibility.

RIP, Schutt AiR Advantage.

— Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) September 4, 2019

The Raiders had recently agreed to a partnership with Xenith that is slated to supply free helmets to a youth football camp. It is safe to say that they got a bit of a bonus now that Brown’s helmet saga has officially come to an end.

Although the Raiders are happy to finally have their All-Pro wideout back in the mix at practice, his fellow teammates have wasted no time in poking fun at his new look as they relished in comparing his likeness to a power ranger and a mini-fridge during the season finale of HBO’s ‘Hard Knocks.’ While Brown’s new helmet may look a bit awkward to his teammates, he still appears to be as graceful as ever on the field.

Despite his limited time in practice, the veteran has not had much difficulty torching the defense upon making his return. Regardless, there are still some concerns regarding the current state of the relationship between him and the front office.

Brown recently took to social media to reveal he had been fined nearly $54,000 by general manager Mike Mayock for missing practice. His comments indicate that he feels that the Raiders suddenly have a vendetta against him as well.

This was hardly the kind of distraction Oakland needs heading into their AFC West showdown against the Dever Broncos in the season opener. The onus will likely fall on head coach Jon Gruden to do some form of damage control in the practices leading up to their Monday night matchup.

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