Quotes and Videos: Alex Ovechkin And Andrei Svechnikov Fight

Ovechkin lays out Svechnikov with a right

Tom Gulitti: Carolina Hurricanes head coach Rod Brind’Amour didn’t have an update on Andrei Svechnikov after the game. Svechnikov was gone by the time Brind’Amour got back to the dressing room and he thinks that he went home.

Ian Oland: Washington Capitals Alex Ovechkin on the fight with Svechnikov: “First of all I hope he’s okay. I’m not a big fighter. He’ the same. He asked me to fight… I hope he’s okay. You don’t want to see a guy get hurt.”

Emily Kaplan: Brind’Amour:

“Svech means a lot to us. Young kid. Just turned 19. He has a special bond with our group, with me too. When you see that, it makes you sick. I’m still sick to my stomach about it… It’s a little bit though because I just heard Ovi talk about it, he said our guy challenged him. So if that’s the case it’s a little different. If you watch the video, he slashes him twice – Ovi, whack, whack – then Svech getshim back. I don’t know if there’s words exchnaged but, one guy’s gloves comes off way first. And that’s Ovi, not our guy. So it’s a little bit frustrating because he got hurt. It’s his first fight. He’s played 90 games. He’s never fought in his life, and I’m pretty sure Ovi knew that. So that stuff bothers me.”

Full sequence. Lots of whacking and hacking before the fight. Props to Svechnikov for being tough and not backing down, I guess???? Still… fighting Ovechkin as a 19-year-old rookie… pic.twitter.com/6U1wK3Bw52

— Shane O’Donnell (@shane1342o) April 15, 2019

Ovechkin vs. Svechnikov. pic.twitter.com/TL6pIDZc8f

— Shane O’Donnell (@shane1342o) April 15, 2019