Nike’s New Jersey Template Brings Changes To Dodgers Uniform

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Nike is introducing a new jersey template for all 30 MLB teams next season, and Shohei Ohtani’s introductory press conference gave some insight on how the Los Angeles Dodgers’ home uniform will look going forward.

The biggest change is the team’s script across the jersey placket. It used to make a clean break between the “o” and “d,” but the “d” is now broken into separate pieces.

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According to Paul Lukas of Uni Watch, the new Nike design features a much narrower jersey placket than the old one:

Here’s the deal: As we’ve discussed several times, the jersey placket is much narrower in the new template than in the old one.

Lukas explains this means left flap of the jersey that crosses over the side with the buttons doesn’t extend as far toward the player’s right side as it did before, which is the key issue for the change in the script not cutting cleanly.

Lukas added that the Dodgers had a choice of either moving the script slightly toward the left sleeve or keeping it center, and picked the latter:

The script hasn’t been repositioned ― it’s in the same spot it’s always been. But the edge of the placket isn’t in the same place it used to be, and that means the script now breaks in a different spot. My source says the Dodgers faced the choice of either moving the script slightly toward the jersey’s left sleeve (the viewer’s right), in which case it would have been off-center, or keeping it centered and breaking the “d.” They chose the latter option.

Lukas also provided the specifications of the new number and name on back sizes, while the Dodgers home jersey is a different shade of white:

Meanwhile: My source also gave me the specs on the new number and NOB sizes. Here are the particulars:

All front numbers are now 4″ high.
All back numbers are now 8″ high.
All NOB lettering is now 2.5″ high.

In addition, all home whites are no longer truly white but are a v-e-r-y subtle off-white.

The front number on the Dodgers’ home jersey is much smaller than in the past, and the fabric is now perforated. Furthermore, the MLB logo is lower, the typography is smaller and the name on back has a tighter arch.

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It’s unclear why Nike decided to make these changes, but the consensus is the jerseys look far worse now. We’ll see if Nike decides to correct the issue before Opening Day, but it may be something the Dodgers just have to deal with.

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