NHL Trade: Montreal Canadiens Trade Andrew Shaw To The Chicago Blackhawks

The Montreal Canadiens have traded forward Andrew Shaw and a 2021 7th round pick to the Chicago Blackhawks for a 2020 2nd round pick, 2020 7th round pick and a 2021 3rd round pick.

The 27-year old Shaw was drafted 139th overall in the 5th round of the 2011 draft by the Chicago Blackhawks. He carries a $3.9 million cap hit.

Thoughts from the media

Eric Engels: “Andrew Shaw has three more years at $3.9 M aav. I’m told Habs did not retain any salary in the deal for three draft picks. A sign they’ll be players in free agency.”

J.D. Burke: “Well, I didn’t see that coming. That said, Andrew Shaw quietly had a really, really good year last year.”

Satchel Price: “A lot of people seem to think Shaw at $3.9M for 3 years is wildly overpaid but I’m pretty sure the UFA market will disprove that quickly tomorrow. He’s coming off 47 points in 63 games and does a lot of other good stuff on the ice, too.”

Jay Zawaski: “The more I think about this Shaw move the more it makes sense. He can score (career high in pts last year), play center or wing, right handed shot. It actually makes a lot of sense. He’s also a proven playoff performer who plays physically. He’s everything the #Blackhawks needed.”

Blain Potvin: “This trade add 3.9 M$ in additional cap space. It may be to open up toom for a signing or other trade or it’s simply moving out a redundant middle 6 winger. Hard to say but his leadership and experience meant something to that room.”

Jay Zawaki: “Shaw looks to be the Hawks answer to addressing the top 6 issue. A source tells me other options were too expensive. Doesn’t mean they’re totally done, but safe to assume no big name like Lee, Pavelski, etc unless something changes in short order.”

Jay Zawaski: “Stan has said all along that re-signing Strome and Debrincat is a priority. This move allows them do do that an solves a hole in the roster.”

Andrew Shaw (traded to Chicago with picks in both directions) is a second-liner. pic.twitter.com/t2CeDKgYo7

— Micah Blake McCurdy (@IneffectiveMath) June 30, 2019

After acquiring RW Shaw ($3.9M Cap Hit) from #GoHabsGo, the #Blackhawks have $8.04M Cap Space w/ 18 on Roster (8F/8D/2G)

RFA’s: Perlini
UFA’s: Kruger, Kunitz, Kampf, Ward@TheRinkOfficial https://t.co/JX7VYB4Q5x

— PuckPedia (@PuckPedia) June 30, 2019

The Montreal #Canadiens now have 11 picks in the 2020 NHL Entry Draft, which coincidentally happens to be in Montreal.

1st RD
2nd RD
2nd RD (CHI)
3rd RD
4th RD
4th RD (SJS)
4th RD (WPG)
5th RD
5th RD (FLA)
6th RD
7th RD (CHI)https://t.co/lffSdAZeWP pic.twitter.com/LRZrwJQtHQ

— CapFriendly (@CapFriendly) June 30, 2019