NHL Trade: Chicago Blackhawks Trade Artem Anisimov To The Ottawa Senators For Zack Smith

The Chicago Blackhawks have traded center Artem Anisimov to the Ottawa Senators for center Zack Smith.

The 31-year old Anisimov was drafted 54th overall in the 2nd round of the 2006 draft by the New York Rangers.

The 31-year old Smith was drafted 79th overall in the 3rd round of the 2008 draft by the Ottawa Senators.

Cap Friendly: “#Sens have increased their cap hit, while reducing their salary expenses:

Anisimov (2 yrs remaining)
Cap hit: $4.55M
Salary owed: $5M in salary & signing bonus

Smith (2 yrs remaining)
Cap hit: $3.25M
Salary owed: $6.5M

#Sens Result:
+$1.3M cap hit/yr
-$1.5M salary expenses”

Thoughts from the media

Ben Pope: Here’s the rationale behind the Anisimov-Smith trade, from what I figure:

– they’re both 31
– Smith saves $1.3 million in cap space, allowing them to re-sign Perlini easily
– Smith is better on faceoffs. Over past 4 years, he’s won 50.2%, Anisimov 45.1%”

Jay Zawaski: “Hawks save $1.3 million in cap space with this deal. I’ve been told moving Anisimov had been difficult, so to see them get cap savings and not give up an asset to do so is a win, I suppose.”

Mark Lazerus: “Artem Anisimov also was signed through 2020-21, at a cap hit of $4.55 million. Frees up some cap space (perhaps to re-sign Brendan Perlini) and, presumably, settles the minor logjam at center.

1C: Toews
2C: Strome
3C: Carpenter
4C: Kampf”

Mark Lazerus: “Artem Anisimov was very good as a center for Artemi Panarin and Patrick Kane. He was pretty good as a center for just Patrick Kane. He was basically lost as a center for other wingers. A solid player who just didn’t fit the Blackhawks lineup anymore.”

John Dietz: “Zack Smith scored 25 in 2015-16 & 16 more the next season. Those are his best goal-scoring seasons among his 9 in #NHL. Last season: 9 goals, 19 assists with 136 hits in 70 games. (Playing, remember, on a bad team). He’s also won 50.7 percent of his faceoffs over his career.”

Shawn Simpson: “Smith is a classy guy, who the speed of the league has passed him by.

Anisimov is a big body, and better fit on the 4th line. I think Dorion was with the Rangers when he was drafted. Really good guy and leader.

I like this move.”

Artem Anisimov

Zack Smith