NHL Rumors: Winnipeg Jets and Dustin Byfuglien … Chicago Blackhawks and Dylan Strome
Don’t expect a Byfuglien decision soon

Sportsnet: Elliotte Friedman said last night to not expect a Dustin Byfuglien decision to return to the Winnipeg Jets or retire any time soon.

“I spoke today to agent Ben Hankinson and he said, ‘Look, don’t jump to any conclusions,’” Friedman said Saturday on Hockey Night in Canada’s ‘Headlines’ segment. “He says that this is not something that’s going to end quickly, it’s going to play out over a little bit of time.”

The Jets hope he wants to return.

“I believe the Jets are really hoping that Byfuglien, the urge comes back to him once he sees the team playing,” Friedman added. “But I’ve been told don’t jump to any conclusions, and don’t expect necessarily any kind of quick announcement.”

Strome’s turn next?

Charlie Roumeliotis of NBC Sports Chicago: The Chicago Blackhawks signed Alex DeBrincat to a three-year bridge extension last week.

Will the Blackhawks now turn their attention to Dylan Strome, who will be a RFA after at the season?

“I don’t anticipate negotiating through the press with Dylan either and I think that was a nice thing with Alex, you guys kind of left us alone with that one, so I would suggest to do the same thing,” Bowman joked with the media. “But we have time on that. Certainly that’s the next order of business. Whether we do it now or in a month or in six months, I can’t say at this point, but certainly that’s something we’ll take a look at.”

Strome said that he hasn’t really thought about his pending free agency much.

“I think everyone’s different,” Strome said when asked if his second contract weighs on his mind. “Just not think about it too much. Obviously we’re getting paid to play this game and it’s a privilege, so go out there and try to have fun every day and win for our team. When the team does well usually individuals do well so I think you just got to look at it that way. Hopefully this team can make the playoffs and I think everything will work itself out.”