NHL Rumors: Will Zach Werenski’s Bridge Deal Have Ivan Provorov and Charlie McAvoy Thinking The Same?
On McAvoy and Provorov after Werenski signing (three years, $15 million)

Bob McKenzie: Tweet thread.

“Nothing imminent on the Charlie McAvoy (BOS) or Ivan Provorov (PHI) RFA deals but with camp opening this week, and CBJ signing Zach Werenski to a three-year, $15M deal today, expectation is talks on McAvoy and Provorov will heat up considerably in the next day or two.

Werenski deal could be a catalyst for McAvoy and Provorov, but no guarantee either. Of the two big RFA D, McAvoy has proclaimed his love for BOS and it would appear he’s much more inclined to want to a longer-term deal (6, 7 or 8?) than a bridge (2 or 3).

Provorov and PHI, meanwhile, have had limited discussions over the summer and both sides apparently have been open to short (3 years) or long (5 or 6 years) possibilities. In this instance, and many others, it doesn’t seem like 7 or 8 year terms are likely.

With the modest cap increases we’ve seen lately, there’s a perception that between upcoming NHL U.S. national TV deal and legalized gambling revenue, that the financial landscape could improve significantly in years to come. Hence, an aversion to 7 or 8 year deals in many cases.”

Rick Dhaliwal: Todd Diamond, the agent for Philadelphia Flyers RFA defenseman Ivan Provorov: “We were closer yesterday than many weeks before. The Werenski deal will affect the remaining defenseman, things are starting to move in the right direction.”

Sam Carchidi: “Provy’s agent probably choked on his cornflakes we he saw Werenski’s deal.”

Frank Seravalli: Zach Werenski’s new deal will be helpful for Provorov and McAvoy’s camps.

The Flyers and Provorov are having active talks. It sounds like a three-year deal is also an option for them.

Sam Carchidi of the Philadelphia Inquirer: Ivan Provorov’s agent, Mark Gandler, is reportedly looking for $8 million a season. After Werenski’s three-year bridge deal, maybe the sides end up going that route.