NHL Rumors: Who is the Better Option, John Gibson or Jacob Markstrom? 

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TSN Hockey Analyst Martin Biron joined Jay Onrait on SportsCenter and was asked about John Gibson potentially getting traded by Anaheim and if there were better options on the market.

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Jay Onrait: “And finally, Marty, I want to ask you about John Gibson. Boy, this is a guy whose name has been out there forever, but he’s got term on his deal. He carries a big ticket, and his play has dropped off this season. Do you think Pat Verbeek, the Anaheim Ducks GM, will be able to find a spot for Gibson? I know a lot of people have been saying New Jersey as a potential landing spot. Do you like that idea?”

Martin Biron: “I think many goaltenders are looking around and saying New Jersey could be a landing spot. But you mentioned John Gibson and his play has dropped off this season. I think his play has been dropping off since 2018-2019.

This was the last time that John Gibson had a really good save percentage above the league average in the .915 range. Every year since then, it’s been .902, .903, .899. I mean, this is not the John Gibson that we know was a just standout type of goaltender with the Anaheim Ducks.

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And then, on top of it, you have three years left, that $6.4 million. I mean, teams that are going to look at John Gibson, number one, they’re going to have to ask Anaheim to retain some salary. Number two, we’re not giving you much to get John Gibson out of your hand. We’re actually doing you a favor, Anaheim, to take on that contract for three more years at 6.4 million.

I look at Jacob Markstrom. Two more years at $6 million. Which one would you take right if you’re a team looking for a goaltender? I would definitely look at Jacob Markstrom, who’s only making $6 million for two more years as opposed to $6.4 (million) for three with Gibson, and the performances are not even comparable.

So that for me, it’s going to be a tough go for Pat Verbeek and John Gibson if in fact, he is on the market and gets traded before the deadline.”