NHL Rumors: Who could the Anaheim Ducks be selling at the trade deadline?

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NHL Network: Elliotte Friedman when asked about who the Anaheim Ducks could be looking to move at the trade deadline.

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Host: “Alright, Elliotte, let’s finish with the team play night, the Anaheim Ducks, who again will likely be sellers at the deadline. Who do you think will be on the market for this team?”

Friedman: “I think the number one guy, well everyone’s talking about (John) Gibson, but as I said before, it’s complicated. But I think the number one guy that a lot of teams are looking at is going to be Adam Henrique. Adam Henrique is a center. He’s a very good center. He’s got experience in very big games.

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The other thing too about him is, he’s, last year he had a year left on his contract, and again, it was complicated because a lot of teams didn’t have cap room and things like that. And he finally got into a situation now where he’s a UFA at the end of the year, and I think the Ducks feel that there’s enough interest that they’re going to do very well.

I haven’t heard as much about (Jakob) Silfverberg. I’ve definitely heard a bit about (Ilya Lyubushkin. The team they’re playing night that’s looking for D, he played in Toronto, they know him well. I think he’s one of the players they’re looking at. But if there’s a new player on the Ducks, I think is really hot for some teams out there. I think Henrique is the guy.”

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