NHL Rumors: Vancouver Canucks, Dallas Stars, and the Pittsburgh Penguins
On what the Canucks should be looking to do

TSN Radio Vancouver: James Mirtle on the Vancouver Canucks: “What the #Canucks need to do is pick a target date, whether it’s 2 or 3 years from now, and say ‘this is when we’ll be a contending team’. And every move they make is targeted at that goal. Forget about this year..it’s irrelevant. You’re not going to win a Cup this year.

They should get rid of all their bad contracts, take back some bad deals, do what they can to clear their cap situation so that 2 years from now, they’re ready to build around Pettersson and win. And forget about the division being bad and all that. Who cares?”

Stars always looking for scoring and skill

NHL.com: The Dallas Stars traded for defenseman Jamie Oleksiak and they may not be done. GM Jim Nill is looking for some scoring and skill.

“You’re always looking to add scoring,” Nill told the Dallas Morning News. “You’re always looking to add skill. If there’s something that’s going to help us, and the acquisition cost is what we think is right, we’re going to do that.”

Brassard knows his name is in the rumor mill but tries to avoid thinking about it.

Dan Kingerski of Pittsburgh Hockey Now: Pittsburgh Penguins forward Derick Brassard knows his name is in the rumor mill. He tries to avoid it and focus just on playing.

“I don’t read much. I don’t read the papers or anything that’s going on but I follow sports like ESPN and the main stuff like that,” said Brassard as he grew uneasy with the question. “It is hard mentally sometimes to hear your name out there and not know what is going to happen.”