NHL Rumors: The Vancouver Canucks May View Troy Stecher Higher Than Others, May Not Be On The Block

Canucks may view Stecher higher than other teams … Insider doesn’t get the sense he’s on the trade block

TSN Radio Vancouver: Bob McKenzie on TSN 1040 on Vancouver Canucks defenseman Troy Stecher: “The same low rumbles you’ve heard. I think everyone has heard it & you try to figure out how much significance to attach to it. If they decide to trade Stecher, they’d be selling him as top-4 d-man. And if someone is buying, they’ll say he’s 3rd-pair.”

Rick Dhaliwal: Not sure the Canucks have a “massive appetite” to trade defenseman Stecher. If they were to move him, they would have to get a defenseman back in the trade, or would have to be really sure that a defenseman in the AHL is NHL ready.

TSN Radio Vancouver: myNHLtraderumors transcription of Darren Dreger on Canucks defenseman Troy Stecher:

“What I can tell you about Stecher is, I wouldn’t say his name has been in play for a while, but his name has been out there dating back to the summer in terms of that trade speculation.

But in doing our due diligence collectively between myself, Pierre LeBurn and Bob McKenzie, what we’re getting from our Vancouver connections is that they’re not really interested in trading Troy Stecher. They like the depth that they have on their blue line. I mean, it’s the old story right, ya have to have that type of significant depth.

I suppose if someone approached Jim Benning and the Vancouver Canucks with an offer that he had to consider, of course, he’d be willing to consider it, but I don’t get the sense that Troy Stetcher is on the block.

He may not be happy, Stecher that is, with his positioning in the lineup just yet, but as we know with an injury or just good play that can change pretty quickly, but I don’t get the sense he’s on the block.”