NHL Rumors: The Los Angeles Kings will have some tough decisions on pending UFA Matt Roy

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David Pagnotta: Talking with Dennis Bernstein about the Los Angeles Kings pending UFA defenseman Matt Roy. They’re shelving talks until after the season. Is there going to be a fit given the money that they’ll also need to spend elsewhere?

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Pagnotta: “But, DB in your backyard, a little bit of news with respect to the Los Angeles Kings, nothing groundbreaking. But Matt Roy is an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season. And there have been some question marks as to are they going to try to re-sign him. Would they explore moving him?

Well, they’re not going to explore moving him during the thick of things. They would like to explore signing him, but I’m told those conversations will not happen until after the season concludes. So any contract talks involving Matt Roy have been shelved for the end of the season. He’s been a solid piece on that blue line for some time.

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Bernstein: “Yeah, he is. A couple of things on that Dave. When they changed coaches, he was asked about, Rob Blake was asked about Matt Roy. Everything was deferred to the end of the season, with respect to Jim Hiller‘ss future, with respect to signing him, (Viktor) Arvidsson. Now, Arvidsson’s been hurt a couple of times, I’m not expecting to come back as a free agent.

Matt Roy. Look, they’re the number one penalty kill team in the league Dave, and he’s an integral part of that. You’d like to keep that around. But you know, you’ve been talking, we’ve been talking about Sean Walker for what, 10 years now about the extension right, so. But if Sean’s gonna get $4.5 million, then you know, Matt Roy is probably going to get over $5 million.

And here’s the thing, Dave, there’s a guy named, that wears number 55 in Los Angeles, who’s going to need a contract. Who’s playing great. Who’s arguably the best player on the team right now? So, will Quinton Byfield‘s extension whatever that could be. Is it a Tim Stutzle extension? Is it a bridge deal? That might impact the ability to bring back Matt Roy. But I love him. Yes, I don’t think they’re going to trade him.”

It’s a, it’s a good question cause they have guys in waiting. They have Brandt Clarke and Jordan Spence that could take over the right side duties behind Drew Doughty. They do have heir apparents to Matt Roy. But Matt’s been a solid player, again, part of the penalty kill, not a glamorous player. It’s going to be a tough call. Given the other money that they have to pay out to some of their players.

Pagnotta: “Well they’ll be worrying about that in the summer. They’ve got a playoff chase to get their hands continuously on down the stretch here, even as we get past the deadline.

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And with Adrian Kempe, you mentioned Viktor Arvidsson, the likelihood of them returning before the end of the season takes Los Angeles pretty much out of any discussion related to the trade deadline. They have no cap space. They’re gonna roll with what they’ve got unless something happens in the next three, four days. Which, by all accounts seems unlikely.