NHL Rumors: The goalie market, Michael Bunting, and David Perron

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The NHL Goalie Market: the buyers, sellers and those not ready yet

Sportsnet: Elliotte Friedman’s Saturday Headlines on the NHL goalie market.

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“Looking at the overall goaltending market. Here’s some of the situations we can tell you and this is not a comprehensive list.

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NHL Rumors: Montreal Canadiens Jake Allen and David Savard will generate trade interest

But there are some teams Toronto, Edmonton, we know they’ve been looking for a bit, though (Calvin) Pickard has bought them some time. Carolina, New Jersey, Los Angeles. LA is looking for a depth option and not a top option.

The sellers. Montreal, it appears as if Kent Hughes has a price, a price that he wants people to pay. They think he’s willing to waver for a little bit but not a lot. But he’s got a price.

Anaheim, it’s apparently very high price for John Gibson especially if you want Anaheim to retain the money. Columbus, San Jose, (Kaapo) Kahkonen has been good this year. The question is just how much experience he’s had.

And then there’s some teams down the way. Calgary I don’t think they’re ready yet. Detroit’s got injuries and eventually Florida when Spencer Knight is, is ready to come back the NHL but at this point in time, that’s not on the front burner.

So those are some of the situations we’re looking at.”

Was/is Carolina Hurricanes forward Michael Bunting available?

Sportsnet: Elliotte Friedman’s Saturday Headlines on Carolina Hurricanes forward Michael Bunting and if he’s available if the Hurricanes want to move some salary.

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“Elsewhere around the league. Michael Bunting scored his eighth goal this season night for the Carolina Hurricanes, their first goal against Toronto. He’s starting to find his groove a bit more there.

What’s interesting about that is there is word around the league that when Carolina was looking to clear some cap room and maybe make a move for a goaltender, Bunting’s name came up.

He was a bit lower down the lineup at the time. He’s still about seventh or eighth on ice-time and there was some talk about could he be the person moved in order to create the room. We’ll see what that develops, but obviously, he’s finding his way.”

NHL Rumors: The Carolina Hurricanes and their goaltending situation

David Perron has filed an appeal

Also today, David Perron has officially filed his appeal. He’s going to appeal this, the six-game suspension to an independent arbitrator. Obviously, can’t get any of the games back, but maybe he can get some money back Ron.