NHL Rumors: Teams are checking in with the Anaheim Ducks about Trevor Zegras

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TSN Youtube Channel: Pierre LeBrun talking with Jay Onrait about Anaheim Ducks forward Trevor Zegras and that the Montreal Canadiens are one of the teams that’s checked in.

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Onrait: “A new trade bait list comes out Wednesday and last week’s trade bait list had four Anaheim Ducks on it here. Every time I’m on Twitter, Trevor’s Zegres is trending like he’s trending daily on Twitter. It’s actually hilarious. The Montreal Canadiens fan base is willing him into existence into Quebec it seems. He’s at 50 now, but is Trevor’s Zegras, Pierre is a real candidate to be traded?

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LeBrun: “So, you know, having made a few calls on this over the past week, Jay, here’s what I would tell you and I want to make sure I don’t get radio’d you’re my friend. Is that the Ducks have a listen on Trevor’s Zegres.

My understanding is they haven’t phoned a single team and brought up his name. This is other teams, because it’s been out there, picking up the phone and saying what’s going on here. And the ducks haven’t hung up. They haven’t said how dare you.

But that’s a big difference between making it a priority to move him you know what I mean? Yeah. You know, and I will tell you that of the four or five teams that I’m told have phoned the Ducks, that the the Montreal Canadiens are one.

So I mean that, that is true, and why when they you know, but having said that, I don’t get the sense right now, that it, you know, that the Ducks are committed to moving him. That they really want to move him. You know, let’s see what happens this summer.

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I think this is more that you know, somehow his name came up and teams started calling and I think the Ducks given where they are in their rebuild, they’re like, well, let’s see if someone goes crazy. Why not?”