NHL Rumors: Seattle Kraken’s Jordan Eberle and Who Could be a Good Fit

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The Fourth Period: David Pagnotta and Dennis Bernstein talk about the Seattle Kraken and pending UFA forward Jordan Eberle and which teams would be a good fit for the right winger.

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Pagnotta: “DB, let’s jump right into this and a name that has been making the rounds lately, Jordan Eberle of the Seattle Kraken. Now teams are still inquiring with Kraken GM Ron Francis about that.

But my understanding is that Kraken would like to re-sign him. They have had conversations with his agent Craig Oster, over at Newport. So far, nothing really to report. There hasn’t been much progress there but they’re going to continue those conversations later this week, as other teams poke around as well to see what the price tag may be.

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And whether it’s a team like Edmonton or Florida, Toronto, there are some other teams as well that have expressed some interest in Eberle DB.

Bernstein: “Yeah.”

Pagnotta: “Where do you think might be a good fit?

Bernstein: “Well, normally you want to be concerned about trading a 13-goal scorer Dave, until you look at the depth chart for Seattle and the lack of goal scoring on the team. They need to keep him because their goal production has been way down this year. You know, (Jared) McCann’s still been good but a lot of guys are underachieving. So, I’d be more inclined to keep that player because of the lack of offense.

But when you look at things that might have a use for him, go back to a reunion in Edmonton. On the right side you know, Connor Brown has been a failure, frankly for Edmonton. So he’d look good on the right side.

I think any right-handed winger, the LA Kings will be interested in because of offensive injury (an update on Adrian Kempe could come Wednesday). They don’t have a lot of presence on the right side so that could be a possibility.

The other team I look at that might be up on the right side would be the Florida Panthers. I think it’d be really nice fit with his speed, his experience in the playoffs. I think that will be a nice add.

So I look at those three teams, not necessarily in that order, but three teams that could use Jordan Eberle in the trade market right now.

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In today’s Trade Deadline primer, presented by @CCMHockey, me & @DennisTFP touch on #SeaKraken contract talks with Eberle, #LetsGoPens taking calls on Smith, Rakell, Pettersson & goalies, who the #CauseChaos could go after, what the #GoBolts want, #GoHabsGo in Paris, and more. pic.twitter.com/UTQhxfMopb

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