NHL Rumors: Salary Cap Giving The Vancouver Canucks Issues With Getting Brock Boeser Signed
Benning on Boeser

Rick Dhaliwal: Vancouver Canucks GM Jim Benning on restricted free agent Brock Boeser: “We will continue to talk to his agent. No one wants Brock here more than I do. I will talk to his agent today. It is real important he is at camp, the 1st 3 days of camp are very important.”

TSN Radio Vancouver: Benning on Boeser: “I don’t know (if he’ll be here tomorrow) No one wants Brock here more than I do. We’ll continue to talk to his agent, and as soon as we get to that point, you’ll be the first to know. But we’ll continue to work at it, and hopefully it gets done”

TSN Radio Vancouver: “Well, when a deal gets done, there’s progress being made. Until you get a deal done, there’s a lot of back and forth. We’ll continue to work at it, and we’re hoping we can get something figure out though.”

Salary cap giving the Canucks issues

Rick Dhaliwal: “The #Canucks cap issues are causing problems, the Boeser camp knows they can not get long term deal, they are willing to do a short term deal (even 1-2 years) but the gap remains even on that. Things can change quick but it does not look good right now.”

  • Harman Dayal: “It’d be a shame if the cap constraints prevented a long-term deal for Boeser. A bridge is still fine, but a six-year contract could have looked like a sweet bargain down the line.”

Rick Dhaliwal: Have been saying all week that Canucks and Boeser are not close on a contract. Boeser won’t be in camp when there is still such a big gap.

Irfaan Gaffar: Don’t think the Canucks and Boeser are any closer to a contract. “This one may take some time.”

  • David Pagnotta: Have been hearing the same with regards to Boeser. There has been no progress and there is still a fair gap between the two sides. The Canucks don’t have a lot of salary cap space left and could be a factor for them.
  • Adam Gretz: “The Canucks not having enough cap space to sign their second best player and a key building block, while having what has been one of the league’s worst teams for four years, is not a good look for the GM.”

Dan Murphy: The Canucks and Boeser’s camp did talk on earlier this week but a deal is not imminent. A bridge deal seems more likely than a long-term deal.

TSN Radio Vancouver: Thomas Drance on the Canucks and Boeser: “I think the longer this goes along, usually you get the player (Boeser) antsy, but in the #Canucks case because of their cap situation, I think their leverage will diminish the closer we get to the October 1st deadline. This will require a fair bit of creativity.”