NHL Rumors: Salary Arbitration and Mitch Marner
If a player makes it to salary arbitration then lookout

Craig Custance of The Athletic:  Unfortunately, players make it to arbitration often walk away in the long run. Over the last ten years, 27 players have gone to arbitration. Within three years, 21 of those players wound up on different teams.

Now, 16 of those players switched teams within two years and 13 within just a season. Why does this happen?

“The arbitration process set out in the CBA, I believe it provides efficiency in forcing the parties to deal in good faith with a timeline,” said agent Kurt Overhardt, who represents Trouba and others who have gone to hearings in recent years. “In my experience, it’s never personal and it shouldn’t be. At times, the league lawyers try to make it personal, which upsets the players. But a good representative, if they’re doing their job, manages their client’s expectations going into it.”

So, Tyson Barrie, Jacob Trouba, and Cody Ceci all went to arbitration not too long ago. Those players all were traded this summer.

By the way, a record 40 players filed for salary arbitration this summer. Now, about 10% make it to arbitration, give or take. The bet is if four get to that level, three will likely walk within a few seasons.

Mitch Marner and the Toronto Maple Leafs

Lance Hornsby of the Toronto Sun:  It’s hard to imagine Mitch Marner anywhere else other than Toronto. Unlike the salary arbitration cases above, Marner sits back and waits for offers to come his way — no matter which team they may be from.

Remember the civil tone here because William Nylander saw the same thing last summer. Nylander signed just before the December 1st deadline and his season never got going. Mitch Marner wants to avoid that scenario but Nylander imparted some wisdom.

“I’ve talked to him a couple of times, just staying calm with it,” Marner said. “Your agent deals with it and the team deals with it. (Nylander’s) best advice? Stay out of it and enjoy your summer.”

For the most part, Marner has heeded that advice. The 22-year old has immense ties to the Toronto area and stays off social media. Mitch Marner knows there have been lots of changes to improve Toronto and he figures to wait to see if he is a part of that.