NHL Rumors: Radio Silence For Leafs On Marner Now … Strong Offers Were Made … Agent and Executive Thoughts
Leafs and Marner continue to talk

Darren Dreger: “As has been the case throughout this process, the Leafs and Marner’s agent, Darren Ferris continue to talk. Negotiation is now at a pivotal point. A deal could get done quickly (this week). However, if progress stalls it could drag into October.”

Radio silence from the Maple Leafs on the Marner situation now

Maple Leafs Hot Stove: Toronto Maple Leafs GM Kyle Dubas addressed the media yesterday on Mitch Marner.

“I am happy to address the matter today and take your questions today, but after that, we won’t have anything from our end until there is a solution to the matter one way or another. I give you the opportunity now to ask anything you want. Until we have something finished, beyond that, it will be radio silence from us.”

Dubas on if he’s confident they will be able to get Marner signed before the start of training camp.

“I’ll stick with the same answer I’ve given for a long time now: I am optimistic that we will. You don’t want to envision the team missing players at any point. We are hopeful we’ll get it done. We’ve gone through this last year. I would feel a little differently, I think, personally if there weren’t other situations around the league that were sort of in this same stalemate position. I don’t know if any of the other situations have solved themselves this morning or the time I came over here, but I think that will influence things as well.”

Strong offers from the Leafs …. What other agents and executives think

James Mirtle of The Athletic: The Maple Leafs have made several offers to Mitch Marner this offseason. One of which was a believed to three-year bridge deal at around $26.5 million. There was also the seven-year deal around $11 million.

It may get to a point were GM Kyle Dubas has to look at his trade options. The Maple Leafs will need to have a contingency plan as Marner could miss time and winger Zach Hyman will be out for at least six weeks.

Pierre LeBrun of The Athletic: It’s believed the Maple Leafs have offered a three-year bridge deal to Mitch Marner at below $9 million per season. The Leafs are okay with a three-year deal as long as the last year of the deal is exorbitant – which would make the qualifying offer possibly exorbitant as well.

LeBrun asked some agents and executives on what it could take.

Agent: Would ask for three-years at $12 million per. If were the team, would be trying for eight-years.

Executive: He’s behind Auston Matthews. There is no precedent on a three-year deal at $9.5 million per. Seven years at $11 million is close to McDavid and is a very reasonable and strong offer.

Agent: Six years at $10.5 million is fair.

Executive: If he’s on a team other than the Maple Leafs he’s probably in the $9.5 to $11 million range.

Agent: Have heard rumors Marner wants three-years at close to $10 million. “Don’t know there’s any justification for that.”

Executive: Fair is probably around $9 million.

Agent: Three-four year deal in the $8 million range with a higher last year seems like a compromise.

Executive: Five years around $10.5 million is fair.

* Five years would put Marner at unrestricted free agency and at the same time as Auston Matthews.