NHL rumors: Pittsburgh Penguins, and the Montreal Canadiens
“Too early” for Penguins to be looking at centermen

Rob Rossi of The Athletic: Pittsburgh Penguins GM Jim Rutherford said that it is still “too early” to look into a trade for a centerman after the injuries to Evgeni Malkin and Nick Bjugstad.

Penguins have some defensemen they could move

TSN: Bob McKenzie on what the Pittsburgh Penguins might be thinking with Malkin and Bjugstad out. You obviously can’t replace Malkin.

“But there is a situation in Pittsburgh and we’ve known even before those injuries occurred, where the Penguins have nine defencemen. We’ve heard all of the Jack Johnson trade rumours. You could throw Erik Gudbranson’s name in there. Jim Rutherford is trying to move a defenceman.

Now because of those injuries to Bjugstad and Malkin, if it’s possible to move a defenceman and bring back in some short-term help to plug one of those gaps in the middle of the ice, absolutely he would love to do that.”

McKenzie adds that it is likely going to have to a “to be dollar-in and dollar-out” for the Penguins.

Canadiens hope to bring a 2018 draft pick over next season

TSN: The Montreal Canadiens may be hoping to bring their 2018 2nd round pick and left-handed defenseman Alex Romanov over for next season.

“A second-round pick in 2018, Marc Bergevin went back there last February to Moscow to spend time with his family and the young player. The family and the player came to Montreal in June to visit the city of Montreal and in early December, Marc Bergevin plans to go back to Moscow and again to do some wooing.

The bottom line is his contract with the KHL expires at the end of the season. He’s going to get an offer from his team there.  Probably for more money. The question is can they convince him to go to Montreal and that would be a big addition in the top-4 for the Montreal Canadiens if they can pull it off.”